TOP 5 most user-friendly forex trading simulator apps

Love forex trading but can’t seem to find a good app to use? Ever saw Trump’s tweet and wondered how it affected the US dollar? During the French election this year, were you curious of how the Euro was affected?  With these 5 apps, you can explore the world of forex to your heart’s content and trade all you want! Not only have they a high volume of downloads but a high user rating as well! Take a look on to why they stand out from the rest!


The Trading Game

Android, iOS

This app is absolutely suitable for new traders to improve on their trading capabilities and learn more about forex trading. If you have no clue about what trading is about, this app has lessons which allow you to understand and pick up trading in a flash. The basic will be at your fingertips and you can move on to their real time trading simulator to have a go at the real deal. This is a free to use app and is available on both ios and android.

Instruments available:

  • – Forex: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, ZAR, TRY, MXN
  • – Commodities: CRUDE OIL, GOLD
  • – Cryptocurrency: BITCOIN, ETHEREUM



Android, iOS

GoForex is another fantastic app for beginners who want to go more in depth into forex trading. There are many expert trading tips and detailed explanations on how forex works to enhance your learning on forex trading. Quizzes are also available for further learning and to test yourself on your trading capabilities. Once you are ready enough, go ahead and compete with the world and aim for the top. This app is a free to use app and is excellent for both beginners and experts.

Instruments available:








Android, iOS


Etoro is a social trading platform and offers real money trading services. This platform is the world’s largest social investment network and has over 500,000 downloads on Google playstore. This app allows you to copy other investor’s trading strategies instead on relying on your own skills. There are countless traders to be copied from and once you have created your own legacy, let others copy you instead! Pick up new tips and tricks each day and never stop learning and growing.

Instrument available:

-Crytocurrency(Bitcoin, ETC, Ethereum, Dash, LTC, XRP

-ETFs(XLE, XLF and 57 others)


-Stocks (Apple, Google, Tesla and more)

-Indices(Aus200, China50 and 10 others)

-Commodoties(Copper, Gold, NatGas, Oil, Platinum, Silver)

-Currencies(EUR/GBP, EUR/USD and 45 others)


Plus 500

Android, iOS

This platform is a free to use as well as a real money trading platform. You can easily switch between the demo and real money mode once you log in. This is Europe’s top CFDs Trading Platform and you will be able to trade freely with no commission involved.  They have a negative balance protection which prevents you from losing more than your trading balance. This app is great for more experienced traders to navigate and enjoy trading.

Instruments available:

-Bitcoin, Ethereum

-Gold, Oil, Silver


-Indices and Commodities.



Android, iOS

Investing provides live updates on global events and this app makes it so easy to monitor the instruments you want. Add what you require into your personalized portfolio and never miss an opportunity to make money. They have a special alert system which allows you to customized alerts for any kind of instrument you want to keep track of. Over a million has joined and their community is still expanding!

Instruments available:

Quoted from their app:

“Live quotes for over 100,000 financial instruments, traded on over 70 global exchanges.

Track major global indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, Forex, interest rates, futures and options.”


With these 5 apps, you can go ahead and enjoy forex trading now. Start exploring today and be on your way to becoming the next top trader!

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