Luxury and indulgence remain a key theme for bathroom trends for 2023 but with the added aspect of sustainability. Minimum water usage and how the bathroom elements are produced is very much at the forefront of new products, says bathroom retailers and designers, KI Bathrooms.

Minimalism remains a core value with walk-in showers, invisible or concealed wastes and built-in wall or vanity units to allow the bathroom to be a retreat rather than a functional room. Bathrooms are becoming far more sustainable with ways of limiting water usage, sustainably produced products and more space and less clutter.

Basins are now an object of design with sit-on bowl basins popular, with an added splash of colour or texture on or round the basin to add interest and create it into a feature. On the theme of minimalism, the trend for taps is to be wall mounted with concealed working, as they are easier on the eye and better for cleaning.

Demand for baths is still keen but usually only in one bathroom per house, whereas showers are more popular in every room or ensuite.

“Continuing on the luxury theme, there is a growing call for walk-through dressing rooms adjoining bathrooms and bedrooms,” says Nicola Whyte, KI Bathrooms Sales Designer. “Coupled with a desire for a built-in steam bathroom, these are two luxuries many clients are now prioritising. With the clear health benefits of a home steam room, clients want this located in their own home rather than visiting a spa.”

Minimalism and lack of clutter has extended to bathroom storage, with concealed push open storage spaces created in the wall to store cleaning products and toiletries becoming very sought after. Along with sleek vanity units, this gives the feeling of luxury and calm in the bathroom.

“Feature lighting built into a bathroom design in a creative format can change the space completely,” adds Nicola, “taking a simple design to a new level.”

Loosing popularity seems to be simple beige or plain white bathrooms as a touch of colour or texture becomes more desirable.

If you’re contemplating a bathroom renovation this year, go for luxury but keep it simple and sustainable.

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