Your Guide to Home Extension – How to Create Extra Living Space?

Make sure your renovation pays off to all your hard work and money spent on it. Before you undertake this renovation project on your hands, hire one of the best long-distance moving companies at to complete the relocation process. Of course, no one doesn’t want to have more space in their homes especially when they add a new member to their family. If you are also one of those then have a look at these ideas:


Proper planning is the key to any successful project. But before you go for it, be sure you consider a few factors:

Applying for an extension permit

Make sure you know all the local rules and apply for the permits. To get permission, you can take the help of the local architects and builders. You will require permission in case:

  • If you are extending your home towards a road.
  • If new stories are going to be added.
  • If you are planning to build a balcony and many others.
  • In case, if you are increasing the height of a single story by more than 4 meters.

Tips to extend home!!!

Enclosing a porch, a patio

If you enclose a porch and take it inside your home then it will increase the space. Adding a roof and walls and making it accessible through the house is required.

Add a second story

Though this is an expensive way but can be considered the best option to extend your home’s living space. Though when adding a new story be sure the foundation of the house is strong enough to bear it.

An addition to the kitchen

If there is some room off the back of the house and you find your kitchen small when preparing a meal or performing other kitchen duties then consider taking more space inside the kitchen.

Connect home with a garage with a covered walkway

Create a covered walkway that links both your home and garage. This helps you to extend your space without investing huge money.

Transform the guest room into an office space

These days, after the coronavirus pandemic, having a home office has become essential. You might be looking for ways to add the one to your new home but finding yourself out of ideas. If yes, then this guest room that you never use can work for you. Just add a desk and chair to it and you can easily use it all year round. Though still, it will have a bed for the guests and whenever they come, you can also use it as a guest room.

Utilize the space presently under the stairs

Your kids won’t mind having a bed under the stairs, therefore, you can make a perfect space for them in a place that was of no use before. You should add a queen-size bed under the stairs to create a cozy corner and complete it with the reading lights to create a good ambiance there.

Outdoor extensions

If you don’t have any space for extension then it is time to reuse your garden room in different forms. You can create a home office, gym, guest room, playroom, entertainment room, and many others in this garden room and can enjoy the space in the way you need it. You can also link it to your home to consider as a home extension and then it can also be used as a bathroom, kitchen, or something else depending on your needs.

Adding a balcony

A great way to extend the space is by adding a balcony on the roof. This will provide a shady area outside the home. This additional space can be used as a play area or patio. You can enhance it even more by decorating the space with the colorful plants and trees and can enjoy your morning tea there.

 Wrapping it all up!!!

When the family grows, there is a requirement for more space, people tend to accumulate more stuff in their homes. This is the time when extending your home seems a perfect solution. Either use any of the above ideas or use your creativity depending on the shape and size of your home and with this renovation project you can create what you want.

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