5 Ways to Afford Your Dream Vacation

A beautiful sunset shines on rustic white buildings in Santorini, Greece

Have you ever dreamed of biking through Scotland and Ireland? What about watching the sun set over the Mediterranean? Maybe sleeping in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. We all have that one place we have always wanted to go. A couple things get in our way: time and money. 

With the right amount of money, your dreams can become a reality. In this blog we suggest ways to save cash and make money to put toward the trip of your lifetime

Become a Product Photographer

With the right gear and experience, companies will pay you to go on trips. Becoming a product photographer means you offer to take pictures of products (clothing items, watches, beverages, etc.) in the exotic locations you visit. Imagine snapping a pic of your best friend wearing your favorite t-shirt brand on top of the Great Wall of China. Simply contact companies, tell them about the trip you have planned, and offer to take photos of their products. If they are interested, they will send you samples of their products and subsidize your trip. It will help to build your portfolio before reaching out to well-known companies or expecting help paying for a big trip.

Pick up a Side Hustle

If your main source of income doesn’t feel like enough to save for your dream vacation, it may be a good idea to pick up a side hustle. Freelance work can provide a good amount of supplemental income. Put your writing or graphic design skills to work by taking on tasks for people. Another option is signing up for a service like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Companies and individuals crowd source simple tasks through this service. You will find that some tasks pay better than others depending on the difficulty and time commitment. You can do these activities whenever you have time for them, so you can work around the schedule of your main job.

Try Money Pool Savings

You’re familiar with gambling. You’re familiar with savings accounts. While gambling has a high risk of failure and savings accounts multiply your money very slowly, a money pool savings app may be the best option. Opening a money pool savings account guarantees your money isn’t going anywhere (like a savings account) and gives you the chance to win big (like gambling). This form of saving gives you the chance to win one of over 4,000 cash prizes every week and offers earnings of .30%. That is 7.5 times more than a standard savings account. Winning big may be your ticket to the dream vacation. Either way, the interest will help you save up.

Overwater bungalows sit above bright blue ocean in Bora Bora

Downsize to Get Out More

If you want to create a habit of traveling, consider living in a smaller home. Tiny homes may not be your thing, but even living in an apartment or condo will save you money on mortgage. If you’re a single adult or a young couple just starting out, this could be the way to go. Take the money you’re saving on mortgage and put it toward your vacation fund

Cut Unnecessary Food Spending

Beyond downsizing your living space, there are many other ways to cut unnecessary spending. One of the best ways to do this is making meals at home. Eating out is fun and tasty, but the money adds up. Save money by buying food at the grocery store and making budget meals. Be sure to make a grocery list before you get to the store to prevent spending money on items you don’t need. We all know how tempting the oreos on aisle 3 can be. 

Your dream vacation is not too far away. Spend some free time on a side hustle or open a money pool savings account. Adopt these money-saving tips and you’ll be in Bora Bora sooner than you think. 

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