Reasons Why Gaylord Boxes Are So Popular

There aren’t too many people who are familiar with Gaylord boxes. These boxes are basically large boxes that are utilized for shipping purposes. These types of boxes have been used for many decades in the shipping industry because they are so effective.

There are many different businesses that sell Gaylord boxes, both new and used ones. There are also companies that purchase used boxes from people. One popular company that does this is the Gaylord Box Exchange.

We will now get into the details of why these boxes are so widely used.

Extremely strong:

These boxes are very strong and durable due to the material that is used. They are typically constructed from corrugated cardboard which is quite light and strong. The cardboard is made from a special type of paper that doesn’t easily tear or burst.

Due to the extreme strength of these boxes, this is the primary reason why these are used for storage and shipping. You can easily use them to store both light and heavy items for multiple hours without running into any problems.

Available in many different sizes:

Another reason why you should use Gaylord boxes is that you can get them in multiple sizes. As a result, it is easy to select the best size that you require.

The most popular sized Gaylord boxes are 24 to 48 inches tall, 40 to 46 inches long and 35 to 48 inches wide. They are also available with different strength walls, 4 wall Gaylord boxes are particularly strong.

Very eco-friendly:

It is easy to reuse and recycle these boxes. Of course, you should strive to use them multiple times and recycling can help to save the environment.

 Individual boxes can be used for many shipments:

The Gaylord boxes are quite strong and large. Therefore, it is easy to use one box for many shipments.

In the event that you need to ship numerous products in bulk, it is best to use Gaylord boxes. They can help in reducing your shipping expenses as well as assist in saving space.

Customizable according to what you require:

It is possible to easily customize Gaylord boxes according to what you require. So, if you need to ship a lot of heavy products, then it is best to have corrugated liners on the box floor and walls to make it stronger. If you’re concerned about your products getting damaged or spoiled due to moisture, you can even use plastic liners to keep out all moisture from the box.

Additionally, you can select different types of Gaylord boxes. There are many people who prefer pre-assembled boxes and others prefer to buy them in a flat state. In order to assemble them, you won’t require staplers or even glue.

Wrap up

These boxes have been utilized by the shipping industry for many years. Due to the benefits listed above, these boxes are well suited to their job.

Keep in mind that Gaylord boxes can also be utilized for many other purposes. One such other use is for display. They can be used in grocery stores to store and display fruits and vegetables. Due to the fact that these boxes are cheap, strong and environmentally friendly, they are definitely a superior storage option.

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