Improve Quality With Concentrate Extraction Method

In anything you do, you want the best quality to come out to ensure that everything is top-notch. When it comes to cannabis, a concentrate extraction method helps to preserve the essence of the natural source. Here are some ways to improve upon that quality.

Cannabis Alcohol Extraction

When considering a cannabis oil concentrate extraction system, think about using an alcohol-based one. Here are some of the steps included:

  • Cannabis soaks in alcohol, which is typically ethanol
  • Ethanol extraction removes cannabinoids, terpenes, and other undesirable elements from it in fewer steps
  • You’ll have a cleaner extraction due to more pure elements in the solvent

Cannabis Butane Extraction

Another thing to think about for a cannabis oil concentrate extraction system is using butane. Elements within this and other hydrocarbons, such as hexane and propane make speedy work of dissolving plant compounds and keeping the potency pretty high. Always remember to have it at the right heat to create the oil, because higher temperatures will affect the quality of the end product.

CO2 Cannabis Extraction

When using CO2 to extract things, you have two different choices to help you in the process:

Supercritical – when CO2 is pressured above 32 degrees Celsius, it turns into a supercritical fluid. The gas form can pass through solids and the liquid form dissolves compounds into the solution, which makes it great for botanical oil extraction.

Subcritical – it uses CO2 at high pressure, but it brings down the temperatures to a subcritical level. While it’s a slower process, the main advantage is it prevents the loss of volatile compounds to retain the authentic flavor and scent.

Solvent-Free Extraction

If you’re looking for a safe and inexpensive approach, solvent-free extraction uses pressure to squeeze oils out in this cannabis extraction method. This process allows for better hash production due to  refinement and scalability. The solvent-free process is perfect for keeping a clean element to the vast audience who enjoys dabs and bubble hash for personal use.

Depending on your personal preference, you have a myriad of concentrate extraction methods to help you form the right type of products in your system. Think of your core base to help you understand how to take these extraction steps up another level to keep the quality high. Take your time to improve upon each product for recreational or business use.

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