America is preparing for a Black President

David Axelrod was asked by Don Lemon on CNN’s “New Day,” “Do you think we’ll see another dark president, a Hispanic president, a lady president in our lifetime? Significance in the following 20 to 30 years or somewhere in the vicinity?”

Axelrod, a previous senior guide to Obama, who as of late had a protracted meeting with the President as a major aspect of The Ax Files podcast arrangement. “I think the amazingness of that has been punctured by the Obama race and now I think you will see that.”

“Also, you see a nation that is turning out to be more different, so I think you’ll see hopefuls rise – blacks, Hispanics, ladies who will go after the administration and some will win,” he included. A greater part of Americans say relations amongst blacks and whites in the US have intensified under Obama, as indicated by another CNN/ORC survey.

Axelrod said Obama’s decision in some ways made ready for the likelihood of Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential chosen one. “Since Barack Obama had won, the possibility of a lady as president appeared to be less exceptional than it would have past to that,” he said.

Axelrod likewise said he trusts it is “something to be thankful for” that sexual orientation and race will turn out to be less of a snag for government officials going for the White House later on. “I feel that is something worth being thankful for the nation on the off chance that it turns out to be less significant on the off chance that somebody is of a given race or sexual orientation yet is judged more on the premise of what they bring to the table the nation,” he said.

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