President Trump Might be the Answer to Vaping Industry’s Problems

The use of e-cigarettes has increased in the past few years and vaping industry has flourished as a consequence. According to a report of Daily Mail, 9 million children are using electronic cigarettes in the UK and the US. As the FDA is regulating the use of e-cigarettes and vaping industry, there are rumors that President Donald Trump could be an answer to all the problems of the very industry.

The vaping industry had a very tough time in 2016 when the federal government and the state government approved new rules and regulations. The laws not only impacted the vaping industry, it also created some major concerns among the manufactures of e-cigarettes.  However, it’s predicted that the new US president and his administration could be a sign of relief for the vaping industry and e-cigarette manufacturers. They are expected to alleviate the situation and turn laws in favor of the industry. According to the reports, the Trump administration might take some decisions that could be against the favors of vaping industry making the situation more complicated. In order to analyze what will be going in the days to come, we are taking a look at the situation.

The first concern for the vaping industry is being subject to tobacco applications for getting permission of FDA. The vaping industry is viewed with suspicions by a large number of people, in spite of no evident cases where the industry affected human health. The toughest time for the manufacturers started when FDA made it mandatory for the industry to submit applications. This isn’t so simple- but the industry and manufacturers will have to pay heavy amounts for these applications by August 2018. With these heavy amounts, it’s suspected many of the vendors and manufacturers will shut down their business by the end of 2018.

With all these concerns and fear of shutting down their business, major players in the vaping industry are confident that Mr. Donald Trump and his administration will not come that hard. They are reported to not employ FDA’s regulations to control and monitor the industry. There are chances as well that the new rules and regulations, which might destabilize the vaping industry, would undergo another review.

Even if the FDA’s rules and regulations remain unchanged in a worst case scenario, there is hope that the deadline will be extended, giving the vaping industry more time to prepare and respond to the FDA’s rules. But the recent failure of the Cole-Bishop Amendment has sparked doubts among the vaping industry enthusiastic and manufacturers alike. Their all hopes now rest in Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Bill.

With all this said and stated, the vaping industry is facing another fear. They doubt the Trump administration may launch the policies and regulations that are not in their favor. As we have witnessed, Trump and his administration believes to bring all the business in the US. The vaping industry produces most of its products and accessories like vape pen in China and Trump administration may ask the manufacturers to either bring assembling back in the US or pay heavy taxes. And it could be another nail in the coffin for the business in the US.

Now with all their major concerns and fears, vaping industry and the manufacturers hope Donald Trump to favor them the way he run his election campaign with slogan for the better US. Anything is expected in the new few months. If the Trump administration goes in favor of e-cigarette industry, it will be a win-win situation for all the enthusiastic and the business will reach new heights in the US.

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