What are the Natural ways to get rid of roaches?

Cockroaches are one of the dreadful creatures that create lots of health issues and damages.  The presence of roaches is easily identified by its smell, droppings, and its shell. cockroaches easily get multiplies in their number once they get all their needs like food and shelter. They cause severe damages to household things like clothes, furniture, books, food items, and various health-related hazards.

Roaches are best in playing hide and seek. Identifying their source is too difficult in the daytime compared to night-time.

There are two possible ways to get rid of roaches first option is by using home-made or natural pest control recipes and the second option is hiring the professional pest control experts.

Why cockroach infestation occurs?

Before taking the pest control process first clearly understand the reasons why roaches are invading your home. Roaches easily attracted to the food wastes and moisture environment. If you leave any dishes along with the food in your kitchen sink, then cockroaches take this as a green signal for their entry. In addition to that leakages and moisture in the basement area are also lead the cockroach’s traffic towards your home. kitchen and bathroom are the two places in your home to be maintained in a proper way to keep away the pests like cockroaches. Here is the list that helps you to understand what attracts roaches towards your house?

  • An uncleaned and messy kitchen
  • Leftover foods and garbage smell
  • Dirty Dishes along with the food in the sink
  • The smell from the outdated or waste food products
  • Food spills on the floor
  • Moisture firewood
  • Leaky pipes and wet basement areas or sink area
  • Cracks or gaps in your exterior walls

These are the common things in your house that easily attracts cockroaches.

Control measures of cockroaches

After the confirmation of the roach’s presence in your living home, control measures are taken immediately to get rid of and to control the spreading of diseases. Here are some of the natural ways of controls measures that help to keep away the  cockroaches

You can check the Empire Pest Control blog to get more ideas about the natural pest control methods.

Natural pest control methods to kill roaches

Here are some of the natural ways that help to keep away the cockroaches

Citrus: cockroaches hate the citrus smell. peel of citrus fruits like lemon, orange and place it near to your kitchen sink and bathroom area.  This will help to keep away the cockroaches from your living place.

Lavender: Everyone loves the lavender smell, but cockroaches will go away if they sense the lavender smell. Lavender oils are coming in a small bottle available in all shops. Mix the lavender oil in a hot water and transfer this mixture into a spray bottle. Spray it all over your house that helps to get rid of cockroaches.

Neem:  Same as lavender oil use the neem oil to keep away the cockroaches from your house. Instead of oil, boil the fresh neem leaves in a bowl of water and transfer it into a spray bottle. Use this as a daily routine to see the difference.

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