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Peptides are a group of short-chain amino acids connected by what is called peptide bonds. They look similar to protein but their length is shorter when compared to proteins. They are readily available in natural form in living plants as well as in food. They are responsible for a host of functions in the human body and are useful in several applications such as in the manufacture of cosmetics. Peptides perform biological functions in a cell, as they can act as hormones that affect different areas of the body when they are released from the cells.

There are many types of peptides that are known to man. These have been classified according to their sources as well as their functions. Some of these include bacterial or antibiotic peptides, fungi, plant, invertebrate, venom, brain, endocrine, ingestive, renal, anticancer, immune and inflammatory, vaccine, respiratory, cardiovascular, opiate, neurotrophic, etc. You can read further on this here.


Peptides are safe to use and they help in regeneration, healing and repair of a variety of issues by enabling the skin to produce more collagen. Collagen helps to make the skin firmer and looking younger.  This makes them an important ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetics and skincare products. They are also used by various people for producing human growth hormone which helps to promote fat loss, muscle growth as well as cognitive improvement. They are also useful in improving sleep, sexuality, improving memory, etc.

Peptides are also known to help lower high blood pressure, reduce inflammation and kill microbes. They work as antioxidants to fight free radicals, prevent blood clots and also help to improve the functioning of the immune system.

When they are used, they simply interact with various body parts by binding to receptors that are on the surface of cells. They tell the cells that there is an emergency and therefore a need to produce more of what the body requires. This is what makes them quite effective in replenishing the body as well as in increasing vitality.

Another way they are applicable and effective is their use in therapeutic applications and in scientific research. These types are usually referred to as research peptides.

What are Research Peptides?

Research peptides are useful in pharmaceutical research and development. As they hold potential for medical applications in helping to heal as well as in regeneration, there is more need for their study, research and experimentation. They are generally found in powder form and act as catalysts to help reproduce some chemical processes.

There has been a steady interest when it comes to their therapeutic potential as they trigger certain functions in the body. These functions include antioxidative, antimicrobial, cytomodulatory, antihypertensive as well as immune-modulatory activities in the body.

Pharmaceutical research and development provides an opportunity wherein these functionalities can be suitably harnessed and used for treatments, mitigation, or prevention of various medical conditions.

Research peptides are synthesized in the lab and made available only for in-vitro experimentation and study. This means that the studies are performed or carried out outside the body. Researchers and scientists use them in the lab to explore much more than just their design. They also try to discover if there are variants that may be suitable for pharmaceutical use in the future.

The technologies in which they are used when it comes to research include solid and liquid phase synthesis as well as different protecting strategies. The research methods used include amino acid analysis, elemental analysis, mass spectrometry and polarimetry.

They are used for research that can lead to a breakthrough in the field of cosmetics and pharmacy. Also to discover the effects they have on the healing of wounds, muscle recovery and healing of the tendons. Studies are carried out to see how they can stimulate the pituitary gland so that it secretes adequate growth hormones. It is also to see how it can stimulate the melanin output of the body.

Peptides can only be used as medicine or other products when they have undergone rigorous study, trials and approval.

Research peptides should only be handled by professionals who are licensed and certified to do so.

Buying Peptides

If you want to buy research peptides, it is essential that you get them from a reputable supplier such as PeptidesUK. There are standards for their preparation and manufacture. This also includes testing for its purity. They must also be stored in a way that the temperature is controlled in order to maintain their stability. This should be at 4oC or colder and away from any bright light. For long term storage, dry ones should be stored preferably at -20oC.

Because of the reasons we have stated above, there is a need to do a thorough evaluation and study of potential suppliers that you can buy from, before making a decision on who to buy from.  When you have settled on a reliable supplier, you should know the various characteristics of the products available as well as the quantity that the supplier can offer you.

Ensure to select only branded and reasonably priced products. You may as well go on and compare prices with other reliable brands that you have identified. In addition to this, ensure that they have an effective storage and delivery system. Another thing to watch out for is their customer service. Select a supplier that is easy to reach and who will support you through the entire process of buying.

All of these will help you to get the quality of peptides that will aid your research.


Peptides are amino acids which means that they act as building blocks for some protein that are needed by the body in a variety of ways.

Much more than its use for enhancing the body and skin, some studies and researches are being carried out to see their suitability for disease prevention and treatment. As such, some peptides are strictly meant for in-vitro experimentations and researches.

As a pharmaceutical or research agency, you should ensure to buy the right peptide from a trusted source to ensure its purity, quality, as well as compliance to standards.

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