Sergei Kislov – Rostov Hippodrome Expects the Reconstruction

Large-scale reconstruction of the spectator stands and the entire infrastructure of the Rostov Hippodrome is scheduled for 2021-2022. It will take the racing events in the southern capital of Russia to a new level of spectacularity. Conditions will be created for the further popularization of Russian equestrian sports and the development of horse breeding.

“The horses of the Don and Budyonny breeds are a symbol of the Don, our living history,” noted Sergei Kislov, the founder of Yug Rusi Group and former owner of OAO NZNP. “It has become a custom that the Rostov Hippodrome serves as the leading center for their racing. For more than 20 years Yug Rusi has been participating in the preservation and development of the traditions of Don horse breeding, and we intend to maintain our efforts in this respect.”

The Rostov Hippodrome is one of the leading Russian horse racing centers. Every year the race track of the Rostov Hippodrome hosts up to 500 half-bred and thoroughbred horses. The Rostov Hippodrome welcomed the Races for the prize of the President of Russia twice, in 2007 and 2010.


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