Can a Mobile App Bring Safety and Peace of Mind to the Elderly?

Safe365 free mobile app allows children and caretakers of seniors to keep them safe and happy

A common reality for the elderly is being left helpless in vulnerable situations throughout the day. Safe365 puts family members at ease knowing this app has multiple tools to keep their senior loved ones safe while they are away at work or busy throughout the day. Safety is not the only concern that leaves family members worried, but also loneliness. It is easy for seniors to grow lonely when there is a lack of social contact; however, with this app’s social media-like features, users can keep elders connected to others while they are physically alone. Safe365 solves both problems with no cost to users.

Safety Features

Safety features of the app include an emergency/panic button, GPS track locator, automatic notifications when a family member enters or leaves a set location, and reminders when a family member’s mobile battery is going to run out. If the emergency/panic button is pressed, it will notify a family member that their relative needs help. This is useful in incidents such as a relative falling and not being able to get back up or getting stuck in a certain position. The GPS track locator gives instant access to viewing a relative’s location, which comes in handy in cases where senior loved ones have Alzheimer’s or may get lost easily. The automatic notification tool allows you to save up to 9 usual locations that a family member will most likely be at and will notify relatives of their whereabouts or detect any unusual activity. In order to make sure the mobile app is being used in every situation; you can send reminders to your relatives to charge their mobile devices when their battery is running low, giving peace of mind to all family members that their senior loved one is not left vulnerable and disconnected.

Emotional Support

Being alone throughout the day often leaves seniors disconnected to the world. With no one to talk for hours, it is easy for seniors to suffer from extreme loneliness. Safe365 offers a solution to this problem. The app offers mood sharing and photo taking. Mood sharing allows relatives to share their moods with one another through emoticons. Family members can show if they are happy, sad or excited, which is helpful for family members who are out at work or busy during the day to see when an elder loved one is feeling lonely and in need of emotional support. Photo sharing connects family members on a personal level. Photo sharing is a personal tool that keeps elders feeling emotionally connected to others by keeping them included in each other’s lives. Whether it is photo sharing selfies or activities family members are doing throughout the day, staying connected to one another is easy.

Safe365 and Its Purpose

Safe365 is the first free mobile telecare app that caters to both elders and family members of elders’ needs, and is a truly unique app designed to give family members comfort and peace of mind. Growing old is inevitable, and with that sometimes issues can arise; being separated from relatives who are seniors for long periods of time can be an unsettling feeling. The app is easy to use for both elders and their loved ones. Safe365 can be used for not only elder relatives but also children as well. It is open to all types of audiences that can use the features and the tools the app offers. Proven to be a successful and useful app with over 1 million monthly active users and 300,000 daily active users, families are taking precaution and keeping safe with Safe365.

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