Introducing RambleFix: Unilad Founder’s New Innovation Makes Speech the Heart of Writing

Envision yourself gazing at your monitor, the cursor’s blink seemingly taunting you as you struggle with a bout of creative blockage. The challenge of converting your elaborate ideas into written words feels overwhelming. This is where RambleFix, devised by Jamie Street, the co-founder of Unilad, steps in. This tool effortlessly transforms your spoken narratives into eloquent text, providing a release from the shackles of creative stagnation.

Since its initial launch last year, RambleFix has attracted over 3,500 users and has been activated more than 20,000 times. RambleFix has transcended its conceptual phase to become a crucial writing aid for many. By verbalising their thoughts, users can notably diminish the time devoted to email responses, content creation, or note-taking. RambleFix acts as a catalyst for those staring down the intimidating blank page.

Jamie Street elucidated the motivation behind RambleFix, stating, “Like many, I find it much easier to speak my ideas. I find there’s something about speaking out loud that helps my words flow easier”. He further remarked, “We spend more time each day talking than we do typing, so why not lean on that skill more”.

The co-founder of Unilad, Jamie Street, recounted the inception of RambleFix, revealing, “it started as a simple tool for my own personal use, I shared it on Reddit and it was clearly something people found useful”. He also noted, “many adopted it into their daily workflows”.

While Unilad has provided entertainment for millions around the globe, RambleFix serves as a conduit for individuals to effortlessly convey their personal stories, sidestepping the conventional barriers of typing.

Thus, if you’re weary of typing or simply favour vocalising your thoughts, RambleFix might just be the solution you’ve been seeking. It aims to convert your verbal brilliance into written masterpieces, potentially easing the burden of those daunting to-do lists or creative endeavours.

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