How Umer Idrisi (A Pakistani Blogger) Earns $3000 Per Month?

Earning money in a developing country like Pakistan and India is hard enough for a middle class individual who barely gets a fast internet connection and a laptop of his own. This and many other hurdles are still there while a Pro Blogger from Pakistan is making more than $3K per month from his single blog that he is managing from his living room and that too without any team.

Yes, Umer Idrisi is a Pakistani top blogger who is running his blog called from his bedroom and earns more than 3,000 USD every month (estimated). After reading about him from various interviews, lists, blogs and news publications I did my research and contacted him for an-all-reveal interview. Surprisingly, he said yes and here I am with what I was able to ask him. Let’s read how he earns $3,000 a month from blogging.

Q1, Something about your starting point?

I started blogging officially in 2014 and at that time, nobody was talking about online earning and I was not able to find anybody from the whole city who even believed that we can earn money using the internet. So, it was hard for me, but not for you as now we have YouTube with thousands of free courses on blogging and how to earn money online. Most of the pro bloggers and freelancers are there to help you out and teach you the basics of blogging.

Q2, What should we know before starting a blog?

Before you start a blog, you should think about and read what other pro bloggers are saying about blogging as a career. No doubt, blogging is a real business and can turn you from broke to a millionaire with consistent income. Before starting a blog, you should consider reading blogging guides, find out if you can write all day and night or not? Are you confident enough about your typing skills and if you are interested in helping others or not? Also, some technical stuff like how to connect a domain name to a hosting cPanel and how to install WordPress, create a blog post and do basic keyword research. You should read about such things and watch YouTube videos about it (at least for a month).

Q3, Which blogging platform is perfect for starting?

According to me, there are two major and best blogging platforms and they are free too with one with a paid version. I am talking about Google’s Blogger platform and Automattic’s WordPress CMS. WordPress is my choice for every new blogger who is looking forward to making money with his blog and wants to make it big. If you are not looking for money and want to publish a few stories only, you can use the Blogger platform for free. Why WordPress? Well, its empowering over 14.7% of the world’s top websites and still growing as a top freemium CMS. You can start for free and then migrate to self-hosted WordPress with your choice of web-hosting company. In short, Blogger is not suitable for sites with big plans, WordPress is perfect for any kind of blog or website you are looking to create.

Q4, What are your favorite monetization methods?

If we talk about the good old days, Google Adsense was the perfect way to earn money by displaying rich media ads on banners and also widgets with text ads at your blog’s sidebar, before post and other areas such as header, footer and more. But, things are changing rapidly and we are touching new levels of everything. Now people are more interested in sponsored content than spending money on banner advertising. But, that’s still not huge, bloggers are earning money selling ebooks, courses, digital products and the best working method for monetizing a blog is doing affiliate marketing. Yes, you can talk about products, review them and say your own words, mention affiliate links and ask your readers to go buy your favorite item using your affiliate link, boom, they will buy, you will earn your commission. With affiliate marketing, you can generate huge money.

Q5, How do you generate web-traffic?

A good question because, if you don’t have some quality web-traffic on your blog, you can’t make money. Everybody from advertisers to guest contributors look for a minimum traffic number and they tend to work with blogs that are getting real-traffic. Yes, even if you are monetizing your blog using display ads or by publishing sponsored content, you need to have some traffic on your blog that shows in top SEO tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. For that matter, I use these tools and find keywords that are new in the market and currently have low competition but a huge demand factor. By huge demand factor, I mean to say that these tools can’t tell you about future traffic number for a keyword, you have to find that with your own mind. For example, if you find a keyword like “How to become a singer” you can’t really rank for this, think about relative keywords such as “How to sing in a get together”, “How to sing happy birthday” and these are just examples, you have to think about how the keyword will bring you long-term web-traffic. This could be a keyword from this example “How to sing a halloween song” this is an event-based keyword and here’s an evergreen keyword “Why singing is fun” or “Why singing is an art” these two keywords are evergreen and informative keywords that people are searching for each day and there are chances for you to rank on these not-so-common keywords. Remember, these are just examples, the main thing here is, you should do your keyword research with the mentioned SEO tools so that you can track your keywords and showcase your traffic on them where most of the advertisers are looking at.

Q6, How much can a blogger earn from one blog?

Pretty unique question, and the answer is quick “there’s no limit” any blogger with one or more blogs can earn as much as he is willing. All it needs is dedication and smart work. You have to find a niche and work on that with full research, make sure you choose the best monetization method and publish relative content, do proper SEO and bring more readers to your blog, capture emails and build your social media presence. You should keep on updating the blog posts, publish new blog posts on a daily basis using keyword research and keep on growing the blog with adding new niches when you complete a niche with more than enough content. That’s a way to earn millions using just one blog.

So, these were the top 6 questions I asked Umer Idrisi (top blogger of Pakistan) and he answered them like a champ.

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