Aquaponics AI releases NextGen Farming Marketplace: A complete toolset for Smart Farmers

The platform offers instant access to industry-leading research and essential resources – bringing the farming community together in a new digital space 

An advanced NextGen Farming Marketplace built in collaboration with industry-leading talent in fishing, crops, design, and labs has officially been launched online. 

Hosted by social-impact software company Aquaponics AI, the trailblazing platform connects the aquaponic community with trusted experts, essential research and invaluable resources. 

Using the Marketplace, producers can import best practices and libraries for aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture directly into their existing project – as well as accessing information surrounding nutrients, recommended pH ranges and operation procedures.

The NextGen Farming Marketplace also offers users the opportunity to: 

  • Get a jump start on the farm by downloading a SOP from a trusted source like the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 
  • Install a fish profile from a leading nutritionist that explains exactly how to cultivate that fish within real-time water parameters 
  • Get alerts, insights and practical advice from experts on how to run a farm at the click of a button
  • Order plant sap analysis and water nutrient tests from collaborating laboratories directly from a dashboard and have the data automatically recorded

The NextGen Farming Marketplace is the latest innovation from Aquaponics AI – a company that facilitates smart farming for streamlined operations.

Aquaponics co-founder Jonathan Reyes stated: “Who has time to read hundreds of pages to understand how to do one thing when you’re trying to change the world?!” 

“We’ve been working hard to gather the industry’s experts, consolidate all their life’s research, and provide it in a fast, tangible, and applicable way on your projects.”  

Visit the NextGen Farming Marketplace online to learn more.

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