What can we expect from ergonomic furniture manufacturers for WFH professionals in 2022? Prediction #2022 #StandingDesks #WFH2022 #WFH

As home-offices grow unprecedented in 2022, ergonomic furniture manufacturers may see them as promising vistas for standing desks.

The growing trends in the ergonomic furniture segment suggest that 2022 will witness an increased demand in standing desks. What speaks volumes in its favour is the fact that many of the world’s leading corporations have decided to embark on working-from-home-office (WFH) as their prime mode of functioning in 2022. Crucially, the collective opinion of employees also inclines towards WFH. Ergonomic furniture manufacturers must be keeping a check on the pulse of these market trends. Ever since the second wave subsided, the focus has been on WFH with a renewed working strategy that emphasises on posture improvement.

Grey desk chairs, for example, have grown by leaps and bounds as an ergonomic furniture option. Their ability to maximise the available office space is worth considering indeed. Moreover, corner desks extend the facility of twin-sharing, thereby ensuring safety and security in the working areas.

Through their awareness drives and educational campaigns, ergonomic furniture manufacturers have apprised working professionals, particularly the WFH lot, about the importance of spinal health. These noble endeavours and initiatives of ergonomic furniture manufacturers have been instrumental in convincing WFH professionals to opt for standing desks. If high price was a hindrance, then ergonomic furniture manufacturers have dispelled it by offering standing desks at high discounts. You may log on to any renowned ergonomic furniture maker’s website for the proof.

Secondly, ergonomic furniture manufacturers have ramped-up the innovation and technological upgrade of the standing desk. WFH professionals now have the option of choosing standing desks with fitted electric memory units that can be adjusted according to a user’s most suitable heights. What’s more, these standing desks are also power-friendly and can help WFH professionals save a good amount of money. As another feather in their cap, ergonomic furniture manufacturers have displayed their prowess quite handsomely in bamboo electric standing desks.

Standing desks will become more relevant in 2022

For WFH professionals, a standing desk opens up many vistas of health, fitness, productivity, and profitability. Here’s a testament to this claim. A recent market report by a leading agency suggests: “The global standing desk market was valued at USD 5961.7 million in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 8867 million by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of 7.6% during 2021-2026.”

The report also highlights the relevance of standing desks in diverse working scenarios with a categorical mention of the home-office (WFH). It says: “Standing desks are mainly applied in commercial offices and home offices. At present, commercial offices dominate 85% of the market, but with the rapid development of home-offices, the next standing desks will majorly be used here.

Why are ergonomic furniture manufacturers so keen on the standing desks’ proliferation in home-offices (WFH)?

Ideal posture

Standing desks are designed to battle the ungainly slouch that WFH professionals have to contend with. Standing desks are height adjustable and play a major role in promoting good posture of the end-users. Therefore, standing desks are blessings for WFH professionals.

Healthy backs

WFH specialists develop a bad habit of using the couch as the workstation. This has more adverse effects than one could imagine. And the worst of them all are excruciating back pains that can debilitate people for life. Standing desks offer back help in the form of lumbar support, which is crucial in fighting all the back issues.

Health, fitness, and productivity

Standing desks adopt the age-old stand-and-work approach thereby making people active and moving at their workstations. The end-user can look forward to mitigation from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and stroke. Moreover, standing desk users can expect mood upliftment and a farewell to anxiety, depression, and stress. WFH professionals can brace themselves for these benefits by using standing desks.

Visual appeal

Standing desks add elegance and visual appeal to a home-office (WFH) by adding a minimalistic grace. WFH arrangements need visual appeal in decent chunks. This goes a long way in bolstering mood and productivity.

Savings and ROI

Standing desks negate medical expenses by keeping the end-users fit and healthy. Also, they nullify furniture replacement costs. WFH professionals can look forward to tremendous savings and ROI by using standing desks.


Ergonomic furniture makers are likely to grace 2022 with more options and technological upgrades in the standing desks. Their main focus is on the growing number of WFH professionals.

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