Worthily Films are passionate about improved opportunities for gender and racial diversity in the film industry

Comments from women during the production of short film Waiting for Time

Mariya Evtimova, and Isabelle Karpinski both key individuals in the Waiting for Time production team examine what attracted them to the undertaking, how they felt on a COVID compliant set, how it was working with Worthily Films and what they love about the Film and Media businesses.

Mariya Evtimova – Head of Production Design – What will consistently show me initial an undertaking is the content. On the off chance that the story is acceptable and elegantly composed I’m in and this is the thing that occurred with Waiting for Time.  The content was so elegantly composed and layered. Till the end I was kept in anticipation and didn’t have the foggiest idea what would occur. At that point I had a discussion with the Bashford Twins, and I enjoyed their style, which made me need to be a piece of it significantly more. I had an extremely lovely encounter in light of the fact that during pre-creation we had a considerable number of gatherings with respect to wellbeing and security and the administrations guidelines so this gave me genuine feelings of serenity that when we go on set everything will run easily. Worthily Films gave out all the PPE and everybody was respectful of one another and keeping social distancing. I had extraordinary time working with Worthily Films. Everything was so proficient and on point from the very first moment. The makers worked admirably assembling such an unfathomable group. I’m truly eager to explore what the following project will be.

Isabelle Karpinski, Runner, Copywriter, BTS Photographer – I thought that it was anything but difficult to adjust to a totally better approach for working on account of the participation of the whole cast and team. Everybody was completely knowledgeable of the need to feel comfortable, as it’s such an unsure time for all of us. Presence of mind was utilized so it was incredible that we were such an equipped and happy bunch of folks! Before meeting the Worthily Films team, I realized that I would manage experts. I didn’t know whether this implied film shoot would be a totally genuine and serious issue yet was eager to meet the team that was gathered. I was unquestionably right about the polished skill however the entire experience was brimming with fun, support and sensible conduct. Everybody’s feeling was tuned in to and considered and I sensed that I was a piece of the family from the very first moment. This industry is extraordinary in light of the fact that you can make your experience into what you need. It’s difficult and baffling under the most favourable circumstances, yet the individuals who decide to work in this industry are dedicated and stunning and consistently need to help since they realize how troublesome it very well may be. Worthily Films Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth are devoted to supporting emerging talent on both sides of the camera. We are enthusiastic about giving openings for gender and racial equality inside the film business. Our creative mission is to craft interesting and earth-shattering entertainment. We additionally mean to make spellbinding commercial productions. All while remaining c

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