Worthily Films has a great start

An Aim to produce high-quality commercial and narrative work, the foundation of Worthy Films, an Independent Film Production Company, comes into existence being founded by Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod.

Luckily, the company name highlighted our mission for creating worthy work. For making cathartic and captivating content while maintaining values of our company of diversity, embodiment and support, it is both forthcoming and ascertained ability.

So, what was the reason behind our starting of an Independent Film Production Company in Corona lockdown? Was it entirely an act of craziness? Are it was due to isolation for several months in the lock. Worthily Films was founded for several reasons.

  1. The desire of Individuality:

One reason is the desire for creating something that belongs to us. In the world where things looked uncontrollable, by creating something independent will give control over the situations. Everyone knows that business startup is a risky task, but for some, it works. Despite the fear of risks, do what you want to do.

In FORBES magazine, it was explained by Bernhard Schroeder in his article that why the COVID-19 Pandemic is motivating you to build your own company. He wrote that “Life is an exploit; serving for someone else for three decades is not.”

  • Things Changes:

In this life, nothing is promised. For sure, in a stable job, we get a regular payment. The lockdown taught us a single thing that changes occur in words. Therefore, we should start projects that are inspiring even in a Pandemic. For starting something from the beginning in such challenges, it is refreshing.

  • Challenges create growth:

We were forced to confront hindrances such as abrupt learning curves even we had the experience of both business and industry. More specifically, as the government was changing regulations and guidelines concerning COVID-19 every day, so it was not easy to schedule the dates for shooting.

After passing through all these situations, we spent a lot in the lockdown to connect people in the film industry while asking for advice, guidance and doing researches. We started following our senses, studied till late in the nights, looked at the past, and we were hoping for best. Therefore, do we were aware of everything? Surely not. But who was doing?

  • For the thrill of it:

Starting an independent business is a hard job, but the venture makes it a valuable chase. Just like a rollercoaster trip, it is an exciting adventure. In the lockdown, primarily, with the novel action of pre-production, about all performed online. The higher potential of success in things that you love to do is the result of the inspiration by business and utilizing the hard work.

Finally, it was an amazingly great time to commence a film company by Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth in the lockdown. At this time, we are working to develop our business sector. On our short film, Waiting for Time, Worthy Films is in post-production. Simultaneously, it is creating revile of new exciting projects.

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