All You Need to Know About Freedom24

Due to the disruptive impacts of the coronavirus lockdown, the stock market is showing precipitation in the trading boom. This means that for a majority of the companies operating in the stock market, things aren’t looking good. However, an increased number of people are staying at home with a lot of spare time at their disposal. This allows a window of relief for such companies as they can engage these individuals to broaden their business sphere. With low interest rates and rapid growth of online trading platforms, the number of amateur traders is increasing allowing stock broker companies to capitalize on the opportunity at hand.

There is a significant increase in usage as has been reported by most trading platforms. Even the ordinary retail investors now account for 23 percent of the total US equity trading which is double the figure of 2019. This shows that the interest among amateur traders is increasing. It is a very healthy sign for brokers. By getting them on board, they can still function despite the negative effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Read the following passages to find out about a promising company Freedom24. The Freedom24 review will enlighten you.


There are many trading platforms active these days. Let us take a closer look at one of those trading platforms, Freedom24, operated by Freedom Finance Europe, and observe what has been the outcome of recent developments in the trade industry of the US.

Some Basic Information about Freedom Finance Europe

Freedom Finance, Europe, is an international investment company that has its headquarters in Cyprus. Its equity capital is over $142 million and client assets that they are managing are a whopping $523 million. The company is a subsidiary of Freedom Holding Corp, an international strategic investment company, operating in eight countries across 3 continents. These countries are Cyprus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, and Uzbekistan namely. Furthermore, the best part is that the company is listed on Nasdaq as well.

Freedom Holding Corp employs over 2,000 employees and has a market capitalization of over $1 billion. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, USA) takes care of all the operations of the company.

What is the Function of Freedom Finance Europe?

The only EU-based stockbroker listed on the Nasdaq is Freedom Finance Europe. Through Freedom24, its trading platform, you can trade stocks, exchange-traded funds, and futures of the leading companies in the US, Europe, and Asia. You can also buy and sell securities through Freedom24.

With the help of Freedom24, potential customers can invest in both US and European initial public offerings (IPOs), giving them an approach to the initial price before the company starts publicly trading. Undoubtedly, this is a very profitable way to trade between the period when companies list an initial price to the time the lock-up period expires. Once the company has started public trading, a price can grow by 10s or even 100s of percent. The average profit on all IPOs through Freedom24 over the last three months is an unbelievable 78% (as of April 2021). The recent star performers are Airbnb (189% increase), Snowflake (171%), Unity Software (203%), and Corsair Gaming (141%).

We can calculate the exact allocation of shares according to the client’s rating. This can be done with a score ranging from 1/5 (minimum) to 5/5 (maximum). A client may know their rating before applying to trade an IPO by logging into their account or via the Freedom24 mobile app. The higher the rating is, the larger the allocation will be.

This is all about Freedom24 that is the only stockbroker company in the European Union that Nasdaq recognizes. The company opens a window of opportunities for its amateur investors and aids them in realizing business profits as well. Not only that, when other companies are struggling during the ongoing pandemic, Freedom24 is managing assets that worth hundreds of millions of dollars. If you invest in this prospective company, the chances for economic growth and independence are many. Not only that, the company due to its global recognition and operation in eight companies will allow you to branch out further easily.

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