Aesthetic Double Glazing Sash Windows- The Creative Enhancement Your Home Needs

Elegance and beauty come with hard work and determination. Double glazing and sash windows should be at the top of your list if you have a keen eye for aesthetics and accordingly decorate your surroundings. The benefits of sash windows cannot be summarised in a single post. However, get twice the benefits by installing double glazed sash windows.

Double glazed sash windows in London are trending as the modern-day solution for glazing and aesthetics. Unlike common window types that fit the glass to the frame, double glazed sash windows have strong double glazing panels along with their frame so that there not easily destructible and can keep your homes safe.

So, how do you know you require double glazed sash windows? It is pretty simple. If your current windows experience draught, condensation within the panels, or severe rattling noises along with the wind, it shows poorly performed installation. When you switch to double glazed sash windows, you are guaranteed more than 20 years of window life, and with timely maintenance, it can extend up to 30 years. These are not just figures but facts.

Finding the best double glazed sash windows that can fit your specifications and a company that helps you through it can be complex. This is where you will be introduced to SJB Sash Windows. With 30 years of experience and 12480 windows installed, you can rely on professional hands for double glazing your sash windows. Take a step ahead and Bring Your Home to Life with SJB Sash Windows’ Authentic Sash Window Options.

Still not convinced? Here’s more to double glazed sash windows.

As we had mentioned earlier about the benefits of double glazed sash windows, we will detail the proven information approved by experts.

  • Energy Efficiency

Double glazed sash windows are known for their capabilities to trap heat within their panels and distribute it adequately to improve thermal productivity. Double glazed sash windows’ energy efficiency is approved for the A++ category.

How does a window guarantee energy efficiency, you ask? Double glazed sash windows are built with a set of parallel glasses separated by a layer of argon gas between the panes. This gas has 67% thermal conductivity of air, making it a poor heat source. In this way, you can insulate your homes for a more extended period so you can cut your bills on energy easily.

  • Noise Pollution

Every home and office would want their windows to contain the appropriate soundproof systems. Living in a fast world, we are surrounded by constant noises of vehicles, machines, industries and even animals that we would want to block out. The thick panes of double glazed sash windows make noise filter through it and reduce its impact. Though it does not entirely remove sounds, it definitely can condense the effect and minimise the strain caused by it.

  • Privacy

This is one of the many advantages that make double glazed sash windows demanding. Everyone has the right to keep their privacy, and making your homes secure with materials ensures it makes them even more livable. While opting for glazing, you need to ensure the panes and the frame remain intact against break-in. Double glazing sash windows come with box frames that suit your home aesthetic. This box frame easily slides the panels and secures the lock system effectively. At SJB Sash Windows, we provide tinted translucent glass that prevents outsiders from viewing your homes, enhancing your privacy.

  • Prevents condensation, draught, holes and cracks

Damages such as holes, cracks, draught and breakage reduce the security your window offers. Preventing damages to your window will require expert installation, repairs and restoration. It is essential to check the company you hire when installing double glazed sash windows because many factors depend on the installation. If it is done carelessly, it could reduce the lifespan of your windows and suffer damage along with it.


Let SJB Sash Windows be your Number One choice.

SJB Sash Windows is a family-run business specialising in manufacturing and installing traditional timber sash windows. As one of the leading sash window companies in London, we have proven to offer only the best quality products along with a broad range of services to improve energy efficiency and security through robust and long-lasting installation services.

Homes have highly demanded our double glazed sash windows in London because of their heat insulation and security systems. Our manufactured glazing and box frames are trialled and tested under various conditions. We can confidently say that our double glazed sash windows will provide you with all the benefits you need at an affordable cost.

Not only do we help you in the installation of sash windows, but we also repair and reinstall your existing sash windows. Our team of professionals will guide you through the step by step process of upgrading your sash windows to double glazing so that you will be aware of its maintenance.

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