An Everyday Makeup Routine for Fashionista Women

Everyday makeup routine’ is the most popular phrase on internet! Women always look for a beauty regimen that saves time. Nowadays, time is money and one must be efficient enough to manage it. Waking up, satisfying your tummy, dressing up, and rushing to work! Most divas are a part of this everyday routine.

Henceforth, you must know a makeup routine that can allow you to manage all the other chores. Continue reading and know how you can glam up quickly!

Everyday Makeup Routine

Divide your makeup routine in three steps and things will work quickly. Begin with face, eyes, and lips to go smooth with your makeup. Glam up with your favourite cosmetics and look pretty every day!

Always buy cosmetics from famous brands to maintain quality. I can wait for a half-yearly sale or hunt for the best discount codes to save on makeup. Nevertheless, saving money by compromising on quality is not an option!

Step 01 – Begin with Your Face

Your face holds the base of your makeup. Hence, I start with my face and continue in the following manner.

  • Wash your face with soap or face wash that suits your skin type. Moisturize your face if your skin is not too oily. Your goal is to have a hydrated skin or it will adversely affect your foundation.
  • Use a primer only if your skin is too oily or dry. Now apply your foundation smoothly. I am fond of using my fingers to mix and blend. Do it as per your style and check or a last touch.
  • Set your foundation by applying the face powder now. If you have a single cake in your powder, apply it evenly. In the case of dual-cake powders, keep the glittering cake for special days.
  • Contour is an important part of your glam. Nevertheless, it is not a rule for your everyday makeup routine. Try the bronzer if you are really into cosmetics. Otherwise, your favourite blush will do the honours.

Step 02 – Move to Your Eyes

Your eye makeup depends on plenty of factors. Give attention to the shape of your eyes and the colour of your dress. Continue setting your eyes now.

  • Eyebrows play a dominant role in shaping your face. Fill them evenly and see the difference in your face. Nevertheless, if you are not a makeup person, skip this step and move on.
  • Select the eyeshade according to your dress. If it is a special day and you are looking for a heavy makeup, give time to your smoky look. For a casual look, apply dark and light tones of eye shadow that suits your outfit.
  • Now, finalize your eye makeup by applying a bold eyeliner and mascara. Skipping eyeshade and using these is also an ideal option.

Step 03 – Finalise With Your Lips

Your lip colour adds the last touch to your everyday makeup. Apply lipstick, gloss, or matte as per your choice of lip colours. Always keep statement colours like red, maroon, pink, and bronze for a quick touch up. Give attention to a nude lip colour for the minimal look.

The Bottom Line

If you are a shower person, wake up early. A fresh attitude is the main charm of your personality! These three steps can create a fantastic everyday makeup routine for you. Remember; you will start getting quicker at glam up with time. Perfection helps us to set our face in no time. As a beginner, you will struggle a little. So, keep your calm and put makeup on wherever you go!

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