Is CBD legal? Where can I buy CBD?

The federal government has in the past few years shown a willingness to change its stance on marijuana products, and in particular, CBD; which many people have come to rely on for treating common ailments. CBD is extracted from hemp, and this makes it rather controversial in some circles because cannabis is still classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance. But even so, we have seen huge progress with the legal stance on marijuana, thanks in part to developments such as the 9 states that have so far legalized medical marijuana.

The 2018 passing of the now famous Farm Bill also led many to cultivate hemp on a larger scale; and even though by definition, federal law supersedes state law, some states still haven’t made it clear whether or not cannabidiol is entirely legal to grow, consume, or carry. If it’s legal to grow marijuana in your state, you can try cultivating your own cannabis in order to make sure it’s the highest quality. This way, you can ensure that it’s grown with the utmost care and respect.

Is CBD Oil Legal Federally?

CBD oil is the most popular form of CBD anywhere, and although commercial CBD oil doesn’t usually contain THC in amounts exceeding 0.3%, there is still a bit of confusion when it comes to legality. For starters, the FDA approved a drug that contains CBD for use in treating pediatric epilepsy, and this led many people to assume that the federal government had in effect legalized CBD. While it’s true that the DEA lowered itsclassification of CBD from schedule 1 to schedule 5 (which indicates the lowest risk of addiction). But the language used by the DEA to describethe cannabis plantseems a little outdated and states that cannabis and all its constituents are Schedule 1 substances with a high chance of addiction.

What made things even more confusing is the 2014 Farm Bill that many people assumedlegalizes the cultivation of hemp on a commercial scale. But actually, the bill supports the cultivation of CBD for academic research purposes, or for pilot programs only. The bill has since been updated with the 2018 farm bill, but that’s still not enough to clear the issue of legality.

Which States Allow CBD Oil?

The push for legal marijuana has made it possible for CBD to be accessible in most states. As of now, there are only three states where cannabinoids of any form are completely illegal. The three states are Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. If you don’t live in any of these states, then you should be able to use CBD without breaking any laws.

States where marijuana is legal

As of the moment, there are 10 states (not counting Washington DC) that allow medical and recreational marijuana. In these states, any type of cannabis product, including CBD is allowed. These are:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Washington
  • Vermont
  • Nevada

You can still get CBD in other states even if they don’t allow medical marijuana or recreational marijuana. Remember, the important thing to watch out for is the THC content. As long as the CBD came from hemp and doesn’t have THC then it should be legal by federal law. Check state laws for amounts permitted.

Legal to Buy Online?

As things stand, you can purchase CBD online without breaking any laws because of the adjustments made to the 2014 farm bill. But even so, there are some considerations when it comes to transporting CBD across state lines. Keep in mind that some states that haven’t allowed medical marijuana and may place limits on the amount of CBD that you can purchase or carry through state lines. The important thing is that law enforcement has no interest in pursuing individuals for buying CBD for individual use, and that reduces a lot of pressure.

Can I travel with CBD?

The TSA won’t call the cops on you for carrying CBD through the airport. They do however, recommend that you check the state laws for your destination to avoid any legal hassles.

Where should I purchase CBD legally?

The internet is filled with CBD companies that sell high quality products. So what you need to focus on is the process used to extract the compound from hemp, and of course, the reasons for purchasing CBD in the first place.

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