ICOBox Token Presale Generates $8.3 Million

ICOBox, the world’s first public Saas solution for conducting ICOs, recently held an 8-day presale that generated a total of $8.3 million. The public sale of its ICOS tokens launched on August 15, 2017 and will run for a total of 32 days. The ICO is organized to share ICOBox’s premade solutions with exciting new projects who need help getting on their feet. This public sale will end at 12 pm PDT September 15, 2017.

Every dollar collected in the ICOBox’s ICO will be set aside for the purpose of launching ICOs that the blockchain community considers most worthwhile. ICOBox developed a fixed-price automated service package for conducting ICOs, which consists of technology, legal, and marketing solutions. Depending on the services chosen, the price tag is 25-50 BTC. With ICOBox’s tools new projects that show a great deal of promise but don’t have the necessary funding will be able to conduct their own ICOs and make their ambitious dreams a reality.

Aspiring projects will undergo a rigorous prescreening by ICOBox, and will be finally selected by a vote of ICOS token holders. Finalists will get any or all of ICOBox’s tools, depending on their needs, free of charge, on the promise of their future tokens. These future tokens will be placed on ICOS platform and will be exchangeable for ICOS tokens at a discount of about 75% on new tokens.

ICOS token holders will vote to select the first 10 projects to receive ICOBox’s tools on October 2, 2017. The company plans on taking on 10 projects per week in Q4 2017, increasing the output to 15 projects per week in Q1 2018 and to 20 projects per week in Q2 2018. This will ultimately add up to 800 projects in the very first year of its operations.

In 2015, crowdselling volume reached an impressive $34 billion. While it’s true that token offerings are fairly new, they are a fast developing market. Outlier Ventures stated that the current top 8 ICOs generated a total of $240 million back in 2016. The two largest projects, Tezos and EOS.IO, generated over $200 million worth of tokens a piece. This all comes from Autonomous NEXT analysis. ICOBox analytics reports that ICOs have brought in $1.8 billion in this year alone.

The minimum purchase amount in ICBox’s token sale is just 1 ICOS token sold at 0.01-0.012, with the price contingent upon the date and time of the purchase. These tokens function as a discount card on many new ICOs which will be conducted with the help of ICOBox’s tools. They offer a powerful advantage both for their holders and the startups. The idea behind the sale is to stabilize and democratize the market.

More information about the project can be found at www.icobox.io.

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