How does online conveyancing work?

With the introduction of technology to plenty of industries, it’s no surprise that the conveyancing process has been optimised for the online world too. There are some differences in the details of the process, yet most of the legal proceedings remain the same as the traditional approaches to conveyancing.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. It includes searches, valuations, handling legal documents and registration at the Land Registry. The process is typically completed by a conveyancing solicitor. They will walk you through the exchange, acting in your best interest. During online conveyancing, everything mentioned remains the same. The same processes must occur and a good solicitor will continue to work in your favour.

The Online Conveyancing Process

The first step to initiating conveyancing is the same no matter whether you are looking for an online or traditional alternative. To start the conveyancing process, you must find a reputable, trusted solicitor to complete the process alongside you.

Finding an online conveyancer couldn’t be simpler. The process is made simple with all the required information made available online. No longer will you have to travel between solicitors’ offices to discuss their services. Many online conveyancers will include a description of their online services and provide an online quote form or chat service so you can contact a legal expert with your queries. This creates an optimal experience that is both efficient and hassle-free.

After instructing your selected online solicitor you will experience much of the same process as traditional conveyancing. There are forms to be completed and searches to be conducted. The data tends to be transmitted via an online portal rather than in paper copies when performed online. This means you will log into an account to view the progress of your conveyancing journey or to upload any essential information. This makes for a quick and easy way for you to engage with the process and gain updates without having to directly contact your solicitor.

When completing the conveyancing process online you might be concerned that you may become detached from the solicitor or face a lack of communication. However, with many well-trusted online conveyancers, this is not the case. Whilst the work is performed online, your designated solicitor will still keep in contact with you via phone call and email. This is helpful to stay in touch with the case and knowing that someone is working on your transaction.

The Benefits of Online Conveyancing

Peace of Mind

Online Conveyancing is a reassuring process. When you choose to go online, you can be confident in the knowledge that your data is encrypted and secure. This means the information uploaded by yourself or via your solicitors will have full confidentiality.


Online conveyancing also benefits from being quick due to the use of technology in the process. An online portal will allow you to access your case at any time and from anywhere. This is a fantastic benefit if you have commitments outside of the office or are not local to your solicitor. You can review all necessary information from home or work, ensuring that no aspect of your new conveyancing process feels too stressing on a personal level.

An Improved Experience

When you engage with an online conveyancing solicitor, they will work to the same strict deadlines as their traditional counterparts. This ensures that your case is seen through on time, greatly increasing the likelihood of a swift transaction.

More than ever before people are using digital services to complete tasks. Technology makes for a more efficient way of life and this is reflected within the conveyancing process. Using online services will reduce time spent on paperwork, speeding up the entire process.

Final Thoughts

When you choose to use an online conveyancing service, it reduces the time and stress involved in the process. You will be able to review your case at any given moment and from anywhere around the world. This is a positive way for you to make sure that your conveyancing experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Therefore, when looking for a solicitor to complete your conveyancing case, there has never been an easier time to go online. The advantages are vast and plentiful, ensuring that you benefit from greatly reduced timescales whilst remaining safe with regards to data privacy.

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