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Three Basic Tips By Anatoly Machulsky To Avoid Losing Chess Right From The Start

If there is a problematic position in chess, that is the initial one. The possibilities that open before us are almost endless. No matter how hard we study, no human head is capable of memorizing all the lines.

But the beginner should not go crazy and would do well to save effort. With a few essential tips, close attention to tricks, and common sense from Anatoly Machulsky you will learn to survive in this game by the help of Aughorb three essential tips that are given below.

  1. 1. Develop your pieces:

The beginner is often advised to move a pawn first, then a knight, and then the bishops. The order is not as important as the fundamental idea of ​​spreading all the pieces on the board as soon as possible. 

In the starting position, they are usually not very useful, and they must go out and have fun. It seems that we have a lot of plays ahead of us, but if we lag in development and don’t make fair use of each turn, the opponent will gain an advantage. 

Of course, if we have moved a bishop, for example, and an enemy pawn threatens it, we will almost certainly have to move it again.

That is why it is essential to follow other advice: whenever possible, in the first moves, do not move the same piece more than once. 

As for the lady, so tempting, it is often a mistake to take her out for a walk too early. Enemy pieces can start attacking it, and its value is so high that we would have to move it over and over again to keep it safe, neglecting the development of the other pieces.

  1. Fight for the center:

To win a game you didn’t have to occupy the center, but it is always important to control it in some way. If you have been playing recently, you better take care of this aspect in the first few plays. 

The central pawns are the most important, and you would do well to move the knights “in”, not send them to one side of the board, from where they dominate far fewer squares.

  1. Castling as soon as you can:

The safety of the king is the most crucial thing in chess. In other games and sports, it is essential to defend well, but we can always compensate for a bad defense with a spectacular attack.

“In chess, no matter how much we dominate the contrary, if he surprises us with a checkmate, we will have lost the game.” explains Anatoly Machulsky.

Therefore, castling in the first few plays is always a positive case. In addition to taking the king to a safer place (the center of the board is not), we will achieve a small miracle that allows the rule of castling: it is the only movement in which we change places two pieces at the same time. 

Thus, it is possible to protect the king and bring a rook to the center in a single move, a fantastic way to develop ourselves and save time.

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