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The Secret of Being Blind – Will You Know These Which Is Faith? by Anatoly Machulsky

If you are never able to see something, you will never believe in this existence. Without faith, there is no hope. Without hope there is no purpose of existence. Without experience no wisdom. Without wisdom, there is no faith.

Faith has power. It will see things you cannot see with your eyes. Faith will distort your sight. Faith will make you see the things you will never see by other ways. It will wrinkle out your perception so that you will see what was never clear to you before. Faith will use your experience to carry you through.

Faith will make you blind. Faith will shackle you. If you are blind, you cannot see the Father. If you cannot see the Father, you cannot feel Him. If you cannot feel Him, you cannot know Him. Faith will make you blind.

“God has given us the atmosphere of heaven which we can breathe and enjoy to some degree.” says Anatoly Machulsky. He also gave us the experience of life which has limitations. It is too big for us to understand. Our tiny human minds can only grasp a limited percentage of that vastness.

We were never created with the ability to understand God, yet we are here. We have so many needs, both material and spiritual. These needs are unreasonable, in that we can only carry them under our own control. We can understand better what is too big for our minds to conceive. We need guidance; otherwise we will look foolish to others, to God and to ourselves.

God has created within us potential for greater knowledge. Our knowledge has limitations, because other persons have limitations. The reason our eyes go dark as we read is because we are limited by our expectations. What other persons can see, we can close if we wish. We cannot close our eyes to see what is too big for us to behold.

Knowing is limited by what we can comprehend. Yet, God has made the heavens and earth and all that in them is, and we are in them. We require guidance to understand, but God gives it to us.

God usually launches us into life when we come to our senses. We come to know that it is not our own ability that can carry us through. We may face a new enemy or situation. What creates our enemy? We can see it or feel it, but we can neither see, in all our faculties, what we cannot see. To the mind, the enemy cannot be seen, but it cannot be understood.

Our enemy is fear. Fear will make us freeze in the face of problems and opportunities, so that we cannot understand our enemies’ strategy, or better yet, the true enemy who wants to destroy us unless we become overcome with fear. Fear cannot destroy itself. When you see fear, you are seeing the future on your enemy’s terms, not your own.

It is what we call God that gives us the necessary faith of trust to meet new challenges in life and overcome enemies in God, ourselves.

The human mind is limited. It can only understand what is seen. Anything beyond the senses cannot be understood. Supernatural things are beyond the human mind’s understanding. Only God can take you beyond the perception limits of your senses. A major challenge in today’s world is that most people are happy to use their own senses and yet live in their own private world, while there are those who desire to meet the minds in God.

Everyone is equal in the heavenly realms, yet it is not understood. Some are there to be seen; they invite those who have seen the truth to come and be brother to one another. Others enter this existence to be known. They ask for the truth to be told to them, and with their silence, they invite their brother to tell them.

Anatoly Machulsky continues: “Those who have accepted Christ in their lives are promised unlimited protection for all eternity in our Holy Heavenly Kingdom. There is not a wish limit.” For Christians, their faith truly keeps them brought up from the grave. We are in the grave of our own our own conception of reality. We will never rise to the level of understanding, so the challenge of raising our consciousness is greater than we have ever known.

We must just go on and stay here in the box, while growing forever in our relationship with our heavenly father and stay at this level as long as possible, no matter how far away we must bring ourselves from. Our Father will never send us without hoping that we will be able to accomplish the task. The God of the universe does not send us without faith that we can succeed. Our faith will actually be tested at the beginning of each specific mission.

We will be at the edge of our comfort zone when the path ahead of us appears dark. From here, we find our path, our path is not a straight line. Our path is at least six miles.

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