Pros and Cons of Online Therapy

Have you been thinking of acquiring an online therapy? Well, that’s great but there are still things that you need to consider on this matter such as the pros and cons of it. Online therapy, or also called teletherapy, might be the one you need but knowing it thoroughly is essential. Given that, here are the following pros and cons of online therapy. We are also going to talk about BetterHelp vs Talkspace.  

Pros of Online Therapy

Remote Areas’ Best Option 

Availing an online therapy service provides access to various mental health services and information to remote areas. Given that these areas have difficulty when it comes to seeking therapeutic services, working it on online platforms can save a lot of life. Also, remote areas do not have many services, professionals, and facilities that’s why availing online therapies is the best option.  

Aside from that, long distances can’t be bearable at all times due to different excuses such as hectic schedules, commitments, and more. Seeking therapy will not only provide efficiency, but also safety from road accidents.  

Accessible for Physically Limited People 

People with physical limitations do not have enough energy and capability to access therapies through walk-ins. An example of this is a person amputated on legs that hinders him to walk alone. Thus, mobility is affected that’s why pushing them to meet therapy professionals personally will be a huge concern.  

Good thing, an online therapy service is the best option for this problem. Here, people with disabilities only need to sit and relax on a chair while accessing the services online. It will help them to be safe at all times given that they are at home and not outdoor. Another thing, this will save their energy and power since doing much travel outside can be too stressful to people with physical limitations.  

Affordable and Convenient 

The next pro of online therapy is that it is affordable and convenient. Here, you only need a device and stable internet connection to access the online website of a specific therapy service provider. It allows you to stay comfortable at home without spending too much for fare, gas, food, and other else. Also, the schedule for your therapy can be dependent on your free time.  

Accessible Treatments 

Online therapy has a lot of accessible treatments despite being done before the screens. Here, you can avail multiple therapy and sessions depending on your need without attending any of it personally. In terms of the payment, you can accomplish it by using multiple platforms such as money transfer and banks.  

Moving on, let’s proceed to the cons of an online therapy.  

Cons of Online Therapy 

Although online therapy can bring you lots of pros for it to be considered, there are still cons that you need to be aware of. In this way, you can avoid getting into risks and disadvantages, especially because of its usage of online platforms and conditions.  

Insurance Companies Exception to Online Therapy 

Having an insurance company to help cover your health-related expenses may not be too considerate at all times due to certain conditions. Such is an online therapy which they may except on your insurance coverage. This is because of limiting policies, as well as mental health professional who doesn’t accept insurance as the mode of payment.  

Out-of-State Service Providers are Limited 

Online therapies can come from different countries and professionals. The problem now is that not all state allows an out-of-state service provider or if yes, it is limited. Psychologists and other mental health professionals must be from the state or otherwise, the service will not be permitted. There may be cases wherein a license is required yet it is only limited.  

Also, there’s this article of Deborah Baker- a legal expert working for American Psychological Association entitled APA’s Monitor on Psychology wherein some states only allow limited services of out-of-state psychologists was explained. Usually, the duration of this limitation is only 10 to 30 days yearly.  

Lack of Immediate Response 

Mental concerns are no joke as these include the precious life of a human. In connection to this, it is a con for online therapy and services to not be able to respond immediately during emergency situations. An example of this is when a patient tries to do suicide through lots of ways. This is the most difficult situation that any psychologist or service provider can be into.  

Also, there are hotlines and contact details that can’t be reached at all times. This is affected by different reception, location, language, and time. For example, your state is a hundred miles from your therapist, then seeking their help immediately will not be possible. The only time they can reach you back is when they have started their duty as a service provider.  

Inappropriate for Serious Mental Health Concerns 

The next reason why online therapy is not the best option is because of its inappropriateness for serious mental health concerns. It may be useful at some point yet when the patient starts to have serious concerns, then it will be nonsense.  

Serious mental health concerns are not resolvable by before-screens and audio therapies as it will need in-person counselling and help. For example, if you have serious addiction that leads you to be violent at some time, this will require you to seek an in-person help from a professional and licensed psychologist. In this way, you can control and resolve your concern in the shortest possible period. So, relying on online therapy sessions will not be suitable to your mental health needs.  

Legal and Ethical Concerns 

Lastly, we have legal and ethical concerns of online therapy that makes it more inappropriate for you to use in your mental stability journey.  

As it has geographic concerns, online therapy makes it difficult for ethical and legal codes to be followed at all times. It isn’t avoidable for scammer therapists to put out their online website and work like professionals. Even without proper documents and a license to operate, they will still do for the sake of income. Another thing, there are respective qualifications unfollowed by some online therapy providers required by the state or other affiliating institution.  

And that is all for the pros and cons of online therapy to keep you aware of what to do and don’t do when availing its services. Now, if you are looking for a reliable online therapy website, then always look for its license and legal authentications. Also, don’t forget to check betterhelp vs talkspace which are both reliable services when it comes to mental health concerns with specific areas of expertise.  

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