Content Types to Drive Awareness for Your SaaS Product

Nothing drives SaaS product awareness like amazing content.

Since there are many different content types, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with various options for your awareness-raising strategy.

In this post, we’ll be covering the best types of content you can use to drive awareness for your SaaS product.

Interactive Calculators

Using interactive calculators is an excellent way to capture your website visitors and drive awareness.

Website calculators are great tools for increasing conversion rates.

They allow you to show your visitors how much money they can save. When you’re providing proof and calculating in front of them, your SaaS product gains convincing power.

This makes a direct impact on the number of visitors who convert to customers.

You should use calculators to collect data from your visitors. If they want to get a useful calculation, the users need to enter some data.

You can access the data they enter and use it to gain insights into your visitors. Then, your sales team can use that information for more leads.

With calculators, it’s easy to demonstrate the value of your solution.

When your visitors use them, you get a chance to show your product off instead of talking about it.

Here are some examples of effective interactive calculators:

  • ROI calculators
  • Financial planning calculators
  • Discount calculators
  • Calculators for measuring conversions
  • Health or fitness calculators

If you want to capture your website visitors and drive awareness of your product, make a calculator for it.

Educational and 3D Explorer Videos

Interactive content, such as educational and 3D explorer videos, is amazing for driving awareness.

Interactive educational videos help establish your authority as an expert, which drives awareness of your company.

If you are giving useful lessons on industry-related topics, more visitors will come to you for advice. Use your knowledge to make educational videos and establish yourself as a leading figure.

3D explorer videos are also a great way to deliver an immersive, interactive presentation of your product. That gives you an opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

This way, users will become aware of your product and be more likely to explore it and make a purchase.

Educational videos and 3D explorer videos are very shareable pieces of content. When users are satisfied with them, they will show them to their friends and peers.

As more people discover your content, the awareness of your product will grow.

According to a survey by HubSpot, 62% of users thoroughly consume video content produced by brands. In addition, 53% of surveyed users want more video content from brands and companies they support.

You should make great interactive educational videos or 3D explorer videos to boost awareness of your SaaS solution.

Quizzes, Maps, or Games

Depending on the industry, maps, quizzes, and games have a huge potential for promoting a SaaS product.

Unlike static pieces of content, maps, games, and quizzes immediately compel your audience to interact with them, because they’re interactive and fun.

As more users share their quiz or game results or rely on your maps, the awareness of your website will grow.

Games, quizzes, and maps complement your content marketing strategy.

When visitors interact with them, they spend more time on your website and are more likely to discover other pieces of your content.

This way, you can direct them to your SaaS product and make them aware of its benefits.

Interactive content like games or quizzes is also great for collecting data on your audience. Since they require users to input data, you can use this opportunity to learn more about them.

You should use those insights to discover fresh ways of raising product awareness.

For example, BuzzFeed leveraged user-centric quizzes, such as “Which country should you visit next?” to reach dozens of millions of users and now has a top 40 Alexa ranking in the US.

You should make quizzes, maps, or games that suit your industry best and use them to boost awareness for your SaaS.


Webinars give you a chance to attract new users who are already interested enough in a topic that they want to see it covered in depth.

This type of content has two major benefits: attracting more qualified leads and enabling you to establish your expertise and authority within your industry.

With a live webinar, you can pull users in by covering an industry-related topic they’re interested in and assert your business into the conversation.

That way, your webinar attendees notice your expertise and can discover the solutions you’re offering.

If you want to generate more qualified leads for your business, you’ll make a webinar.

A live webinar event allows you to gather prospects and share valuable information about the industry. That way, you grow your network and establish new business relationships.

When you add content to your webinar presentation, it must not sound too salesy.

You have to keep in mind that you are not selling your product directly, but discussing a topic that is closely related to your SaaS product and can lead prospects to it. You can address pressing issues and interesting topics through a loger webinar, or organize bite-sized seminars around a specific topic.

Knowing what kind of content to add to a webinar or seminar is key for a flawless experience.

A study by the Content Marketing Institute has found that 55% of marketers use webinars to distribute content, grow business networks, and generate leads for their business.

Webinars are one of the best tools in your marketing toolkit for boosting awareness and meeting new prospects.


Raising awareness of your custom SaaS solution isn’t a simple job.

In this post we’ve covered the best content types you can use to attract interested prospects and build awareness of your SaaS product. These content types can help you not only attract some new users, but delight and inspire your loyal customers as well.

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