Dylan Sigley – Scam or Legit – An Undercover Skeptics Review

In his marketing Dylan Sigley purports to run a 7-figure business, teach others how to get success with drop servicing, and offer the most in-depth online business course on the market.

But how much of this is true, is Dylan Sigley a scam, and is the Drop Servicing Blueprint legit? Let’s review the facts.

When I first started researching Dylan Sigley my goal was to find out if he was a scam or legit. I asked him if he would agree to answering a few questions and he actually agreed. I prepared a list of questions starting with simple ones and then going deeper to help us review the facts and uncover the truth about Dylan Sigley. I tried to go hard in learning more about him and his Drop Servicing Blueprint to determine if it actually achieves what it promises.

Dylan Sigley even provided me with images to back up what he says so see what you think and make up your own mind, either way it’s a pretty eye-opening interview that reveals the secrets this guy is using to make money online.

Where did Dylan Sigley grow up?

“I grew up in a small town in New Zealand called Taupo where I attended high school. I had a pretty normal life and did OK at school but was never an overachiever. I followed what I thought was the ‘normal path’ and went on to attend university, graduating with a master’s degree in management.”

Why did Dylan Sigley start his first business?

“When I graduated from university I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next with my life, but like most other people in my position, I started to look for a job in the corporate world to try and repay some of my massive student loan! I really struggled to find a good job and it definitely wasn’t as easy to find a good job as I thought it would be. After doing lots of job interviews and having lots of rejection I was fortunate to come across a Facebook advert for an online course that claimed to help people start online businesses. I was pretty skeptical to begin with and thought it was a scam really but after doing some research into it and checking the testimonials and review after review of other people who had done it, I decided to take the risk and signed up for it. So I really started my first business partially out of necessity really, and also because I wanted to travel so I thought that starting an online business would hopefully allow me to do that, the problem was I had to get over that first hurdle of thinking it was a scam which took me 2 years before finally deciding it was something I just had to do.”

“Once I started to learn everything I could about online businesses I became quite obsessed with it. I was working part-time at a call center at the time to help pay my bills, and this really helped drive me even more to escape the daily grind of working for someone else. It wasn’t easy and I made every mistake in the book, but finally, after three months I was able to make my first sale and I began to believe that pulling this off might actually be possible. I kept learning and growing my business and eventually at the end of my first year in business I was making six-figures while only having to work a few hours a week.”

From the different sources that I checked, Dylan Sigley seems to consistently tell the exact same story. It’s not an incredible story too and I don’t think he would lie about it. A lot of scammers say that they became millionaires in a few months and we can find contradictory versions of their stories online which is not the case with Dylan Sigley. Maybe he didn’t lie about his story but how about the rest?

Why did Dylan Sigley launch the Drop Servicing Blueprint course?

“I started the Drop Servicing Blueprint because I was getting friends of mine asking me how I was able to make money online and travel all the time. From helping out a few friends get started I realized that I could package everything I knew up into a course and help lots of other entrepreneurs to get started too. I really love the fact that I can now help other entrepreneurs to succeed and help them to avoid all of the mistakes that I made. We basically give people an ‘A to Z guide’ on how to get started and scale their business. The best part of my job now is seeing other people reach their dreams of living a life of complete freedom.”

Dylan Sigley says that he started his online business because he wanted to have more impact and help more people. All of these guru scams say this and in my review of everyone in the industry it’s pretty obvious that they start these businesses to make more money. Even if their courses do teach people how to make money online it seems clear to me they make even more money online by selling their courses.

What is Dylan Sigley doing now?

“At the moment I am living in Krakow, Poland and also spend quite a lot of my time traveling. I love the fact that I get to spend a large portion of my time now helping others to also live a life of freedom through running the Drop Servicing Blueprint. We have built up a really amazing community of people from all over the world.”

Reviewing the images collected online and from his webinar, it seems that some of Dylan Sigley’s students are getting results and posting sales in the private Facebook group. He also seems to be actively engaged in the group and replying to questions personally.

And obviously he lives in Krakow, Poland by the looks of it. But the thing is Dylan Sigley only talks about the success stories. What about all of the students who don’t get results or even use the course, I press him on this soon…

What are Dylan Sigley’s plans for the future?

“Obviously at the moment the world is a bit of a mess, so first things first I am trying to navigate my way through the current upheaval, which is obviously a lot easier for me since everything I do is online so I am used to working from home!”

“I plan to grow the Drop Servicing Blueprint business so that we can reach more and more entrepreneurs and teach them how to build their own online ‘mini empires’ – so that’s my focus right now.”

Dylan Sigley may not be a complete scam but it seems he does focus a lot more on the successes than the failures. After these few easy questions, I asked some more intense ones. I really try to get to the source of this whole online business course selling thing to find out if the Drop Servicing Blueprint is a scam. As you’ll see the Dylan Sigley scam may just be that he is good at answering questions but I definitely uncovered a few secrets he didn’t want you to know.

What would you say to those who say Dylan Sigley is a scam and that selling courses is a scam?

“I definitely understand the whole ‘courses are a scam’ thing because sure there are get rich quick scams out there, when people sell you information that is easily found for free. At the end of the day, the Drop Servicing Blueprint teaches you literally step by step how to build a real online business, how to actually make money online, and those that implement the information get results. So if you purchase something and the product does what it says on the box, it’s not a scam, that’s what you get with the Drop Servicing Blueprint. So I think that it’s a scam when the course seller promises something and doesn’t deliver but I’ve made it my mission to make this course the best product on the market, and work on it all day at this point to tweak and improve it. The strategies and tactics I teach get results in my own real online businesses and my students who implement get results, so to me that’s not a scam”.

Dylan Sigley gives a pretty good answer here on why he and the Drop Servicing Blueprint are not a scam but these are just words. I tried to dig a little deeper to see if I could uncover a little more dirt on why he’s actually doing this.

If Drop Servicing is not a scam why don’t you just keep doing that instead of selling a course?

“Drop Servicing is amazing and I literally used it to fund a life of freedom for me, travelling the world for 5 years barely working. I have the proof of that not just in the sales screenshots, recordings, and everything short of sending money to your bank account from the business to show it makes money. On top of that I have students around the world doing drop servicing and making their own money, living a life of freedom. Of course I also make money by selling a course, but selling courses is not a good way to make money online for a beginner, you can’t teach how to make money online if you don’t know how to make money online. So for sure I make money by selling a course, and I make money by drop servicing, but I make more by doing both. In the end my students want to learn how to build their first every online business and drop servicing is the best way to do that, not selling a course. So I never understand the argument of “why sell a course”, obviously I make money selling a course, but I can only sell a course because I know what I’m selling has a lot of value and works for my students”.

Clearly Dylan Sigley has had this whole scam question before and has thought a lot about the answer to that question. I guess because it’s pretty common. He didn’t say how much he is making by selling courses and how much he is making Drop Servicing though. Maybe he gets away with that question but my next questions really lay him out in my opinion.

Your entire industry is all about selling a get rich quick scheme isn’t it?

“There are definitely a lot of get rich quick scams out there and I really try to distance the Drop Servicing Blueprint from them by saying you know, it takes work to get success with this, it’s not a magic pill, being an entrepreneur takes work, and if you want to pull a lever and be rich, this course is definitely not for you, but if you have the dream and energy to achieve that dream through focused effort the Drop Servicing Blueprint is right for you. All we can promise people who buy the course is that we will show them exactly what we do to get results, we can’t promise they’ll magically get results, because then they think there’s no work required”.

This question was really just to set Dylan Sigley up for the next one…

Does the Drop Servicing Blueprint work for everybody?

“The Drop Servicing Blueprint is definitely not for everyone, we only want people who are dedicated to actually putting in the time, energy and effort into building a real online business because if someone who is not that buys our course, they might not actually use the course, which is bad for our business, because we actually make the most money from our successful students, they hire us to help them with their business more with services such as using our sales teams, and also importantly they write amazing testimonials and reviews of the Drop Servicing Blueprint which leads to more students. So not only is the course not for everyone, but we are looking for a very specific type of person for this program who will actually put in the work to implement it”.

Dylan Sigley says that he only wants a specific type of person. But in reality I’d say his marketing is a little vague around who exactly the course is for. Dylan Sigley doesn’t really qualify potential students by saying the course is for real entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the time and effort to build an online business. In reality, anybody can buy Dylan Sigley’s course and there is no prerequisite to join.

What is Dylan Sigley’s refund policy?

“We are a little unusual in our industry, most don’t do this, but we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee which means that if a student emails us asking for a refund within 30 days we will give them a refund ‘no questions asked’ there’s no catch, hoops, or additional actions. We want people who are extremely happy to be in the course and community, so we honor their ability to change their mind within 30 days after trying out the course to see for themselves”.

After taking a look on their website it seems that they really do have a refund policy.

But after looking online, I found an article with comments about people not receiving a refund. I was not sure what to think about it because the article and comments seemed written by the same person and fake. I actually saw the exact same comments copy pasted from another article written by the same author on the website.

Does Dylan Sigley really issue refunds?

“Yes, as long as the student asks within 30 days after purchasing the Drop Servicing Blueprint, we issue a refund. We have a support team that takes care of refunds among other things and they process every refund request within 24 hours. Here are a few refunds we processed recently.”

It seems that Dylan Sigley does really issue refunds. It makes sense because people that buy with a credit card are protected against scams and if Dylan Sigley promised refunds but didn’t deliver, he would be out of business already.

Is Dylan Sigley a scam? Or is he legit?

I was able to verify that Dylan Sigley and the Drop Servicing Blueprint product itself seem pretty legit. After reviewing the facts, it seems that Dylan Sigley’s story is true, his businesses clearly get a lot of sales, and the Drop Servicing Blueprint students seem to get results too. Along with the 30 day money back guarantee I’d say it’s not a scam in terms of the product, as it does do what it says on the box and students can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the Drop Servicing Blueprint.

However, Dylan Sigley’s Scammy marketing of the Drop Servicing Blueprint is questionable as when he shows so many sales and results from him and his students it can come across as anyone who is watching can also easily make that money too. You can’t possibly expect to make a million dollars after joining his course so quickly. Many people fail at building their businesses and it’s definitely not easy. It’s especially scammy in how it doesn’t screen out or qualify potential students as being suitable for the course in terms of being ready and able to implement it.

So my verdict on this review is that Dylan Sigley and the Drop Servicing Blueprint are legit and not a scam but the marketing of it is certainly a bit scammy.

Marketing = Scammy (5/10)

Product = Legitimate (9/10)

Dylan Sigley =Legitimate (8/10)

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