Boshhh Addresses UK’s Credit Rejection Challenge with Guaranteed SIM Approvals

The alarming statistic that one in five UK adults are turned down for credit due to inadequate credit histories underscores the urgent need for enhanced financial literacy and support mechanisms.

Boshhh, a telecommunications service provider, aims to serve this demographic by offering guaranteed approval on its SIM contracts to those with poor or nonexistent credit histories.

In its quest to support credit score improvement, Boshhh has joined forces with Equifax, Transunion, and EE, achieving significant success in assisting nearly 500 of its users to boost their credit ratings within just six months.

Lewis Camilleri, the co-founder and CEO of Boshhh, stated: “There is a real problem in the UK now with the current cost of living crisis and recession and people are struggling financially more than ever before. It’s widely reported that increasingly a large proportion of the UK population are financially excluded from many financial products due to poor credit rating so it’s a vicious circle. If you can’t get credit, you can’t build it. With Boshhh we want to be able to stop the vicious circle.”

Boshhh extends an open invitation to anyone wishing to apply for its Credit Building SIM, ensuring a straightforward approval process. Upon sanctioning the agreement, Boshhh engages with Equifax to register the credit deal, and dutifully updates them on the punctuality of monthly payments to bolster the customer’s credit standing.

In addition to credit building, Boshhh dispenses valuable advice on nurturing and preserving a commendable credit score. Clients also benefit from the ability to access an exhaustive 1800-point credit report, empowering them to vigilantly oversee and steer their credit scores.

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