Can Brain Training Apps Help Rehabilitate During Addiction Treatment

Addiction rehabilitation and treatment has advanced considerably over the last decade, and the integration of technology has played a big part in that.

Alongside the advancement of treatment thanks to technology, we’re also finding that various apps and games can be incredibly beneficial to those battling drug and alcohol addiction, helping quell cravings and increase focus during the withdrawal, treatment and recovery stages.

Brain training apps have come to the fore in recent years as a way of trying to aid recovery, and a number of studies have found that they can be an aid to addiction treatment, for a variety of different factors.

Improve Focus & Concentration

Many brain training apps such as Lumosity are designed to improve various cognitive functions, completely unrelated to addiction. They aren’t going to cure you of addiction, but what they will do is improve the function of certain parts of the brain that are vital in addiction recovery.

Focus and concentration are two vital characteristics for addiction recovery, and brain training games can aid with that. For example, if a person is going through opiate withdrawal, by improving the concentration of focus through brain training, a person will be more likely to resist temptation to cravings and have a clear mentality on getting through it, particularly during the difficult moments.

You’ll Track Progress & Boost Confidence

Throughout brain training, you’ll see the progress you make via the apps, increasing things such as memory and concentration, as well as reaction times and quick thinking. You’ll see the physical signs of your cognitive functions improving, and that breeds confidence you can take into other areas of your life, including addiction treatment and recovery.

It provides a feeling of self worth and that can be instrumental in achieving goals with recovery.

Reduce Impulsivity

Impulsiveness is a major trait among those suffering from addiction and various studies have found that self-control and reducing impulsivity is one of the major benefits of brain training apps during addiction treatment for various substances, including alcohol, cocaine, opioids and more.

It helps set baseline measures that you’ll be much more self controlling and focused upon meeting in all walks of life, including avoiding the likes of stress and situations you don’t want to involve yourself in.

For example, that might be avoiding going to the pub on a quiet evening, when typically you would normally, or having more control over turning to the bottle after a bad day at work.

These three things can hold you in incredibly good stead and only boost your chances in the recovery process, alongside the treatment and guidance you receive from professionals in the industry.

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