Chesamel And The Corporate Governance Institute Announce Partnership Launching Feb 2023

Marketing and Business Transformation consultancy Chesamel announced on Monday their partnership with the Corporate Governance Institute (CGI), the leading provider of corporate governance education.

The partnership will provide access to university-recognised diplomas in corporate governance and ESG (Environment, social, governance) and a comprehensive set of certificate courses to navigate the complex and ever-changing corporate governance landscape.

From developing and implementing effective governance structures to providing training and education on best practices, Chesamel and CGI will work together to deliver specialist change management.

The partnership will provide access to CGI’s extensive research and educational resources*, giving a 360-degree insight into the toolkit needed to upskill business leaders effectively.

John Cofie, Co-founder and CEO of Chesamel, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with CGI to help enhance our ESG and CSR strategic focus.

“The collaboration will provide new agile ways of integrating and up-skilling stakeholders around the digital transformation journey and how Chesamel’s embedded team of specialist consultants can support them. I’m also looking forward to enrolling in courses in 2023.”

Ciaran Bollard, Chief Revenue Officer at CGI said “We’re delighted to join forces with Chesamel Group. The skills gap for corporate governance and ESG is a key challenge for boards, particularly in light of new regulations like the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency bill, which will put far more responsibility on directors to prevent financial foul play.

“This partnership will allow us to offer our clients a more comprehensive service and to reach a wider audience. We look forward to working with Chesamel to help bridge the skills gap and empower boards and leaders to be more effective.

By the end of 2023, Chesamel will offer all 29 of CGI’s internationally renowned courses*.

For more information, contact Lawrence Rosenberg

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