Strategic Union between Fresh Financials and Project Payables Set to Redefine Bookkeeping for UK SMEs

Fresh Financials, a leader in pioneering bookkeeping solutions, is excited to reveal its strategic acquisition by Project Payables. This alliance signifies a key chapter in Fresh Financials’ journey to revolutionise the bookkeeping domain. Project Payables, known for its custom technology solutions in bookkeeping and financial management, serves SME clients with a portfolio that exceeds £500 million.

The initiation of this partnership underscores Fresh Financials’ commitment to elevating the standard of bookkeeping excellence. Through merging with Project Payables, Fresh Financials plans to extend its influence and enrich its offerings for SME clients across the UK. Additionally, the collaboration aims to enhance Fresh Financials’ engagements with accountants nationwide, innovating bookkeeping methods to ensure financial management is executed with supreme integration and efficiency.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Project Payables in this transformative journey,” stated Emma Fox, Founder and Managing Director at Fresh Financials. “This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for us to strengthen our capabilities and accelerate our growth trajectory. We are confident that together, we will set new benchmarks for excellence in the bookkeeping industry.”

Project Payables shares in Fresh Financials’ mission to empower businesses with leading-edge bookkeeping solutions. The integration of Fresh Financials is a strategic step for Project Payables to amplify its reach in the UK bookkeeping market and enhance its service provision.

“We are thrilled to welcome Fresh Financials, currently Xero’s bookkeeping partner of the year, to the Project Payables family,” articulated Marc Scrimshire, Founder and CEO of Project Payables. “The acquisition aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the highest quality bookkeeping service to businesses across the UK. We are confident that our partnership will unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.”

As a testament to this partnership, Emma Fox will take a seat on the Board of Directors at Project Payables, bringing her extensive knowledge and expertise to the larger group. The existing bookkeeping operations at Project Payables will be consolidated under the Fresh Financials brand, with leadership from Lucy Butters to ensure the continuation of Fresh Financials’ esteemed values and high standards of process.

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