Why You Will Benefit from Integrating Integral Blinds into Your Office or Workplace

As people begin to return to the office there has never been a better time to consider fitting integral blinds into your company offices. From enhanced privacy and minimal cleaning requirements to contributing to a reduction in your carbon footprint, there are a wide range of benefits workplaces will reap from installing integral blinds. This article shall explore each of these benefits and demonstrate that integral blinds are an important asset that every company should consider having.

No Cleaning Required

Managers have a tough job on their hands in this current health crisis, creating a productive environment while also ensuring a safe space that limits the spread of COVID 19. Contrary to regular venetian blinds, integral blinds do not require cleaning as the blinds are sealed off within the glass panelling meaning that they are protected from potential dust particles and dirt.  Integral blinds are, therefore, more hygienic and assist in preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses and will contribute to maintaining a healthy environment for individuals to work in. This unique feature will benefit offices as they will save on cleaning costs and avoid any potential upkeep that arises from regular blinds.

Increased Privacy

Integral blinds can also enhance privacy within offices as the position of the blinds can easily be switched to block out sunlight if you are engaging in a confidential meeting or interview. This is also particularly beneficial if you are working with sensitive information such as personal data and want to ensure the security of this information. The installation of integral blinds will also ensure that meetings remain confidential, and any distraction is minimised.

No Maintenance Required

Integral blinds will help to maintain the professionalism of an office and contribute to it looking smart. Contrary to regular blinds, integral blinds do not get tangled as they are within glass, therefore, you won’t have to deal with broken blinds.

Decreases Distraction

A particular benefit specific for offices is that integral blinds assist in decreasing distraction due to the different ways the blinds can be positioned. Workers will not be distracted by the sun or the public as the blinds can easily be adjusted to block direct sunlight.  This is particularly useful during periods of significant disruption such as construction works as decreasing distraction will assist in boosting staff productivity. Integral blinds can also be adjusted with a remote from a far away position or even set on an automatic setting.

Reduces Company’s Carbon Footprint

Integral blinds also have the potential to reduce heating costs and lower energy consumption as sunlight can be maximised into a room. Throughout the winter months blinds can be fully opened to distribute light evenly throughout a room, which offers a natural alternative to central heating. Contrarily, during the summer months integral blinds can operate at full or half shut to limit sunlight coming into a room thus creating a cooler environment. This therefore will help organisations to save money that would otherwise be spent on central heating and air conditioning while also reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

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