IBOSS launches new 90% equity Passive MPS offering

IBOSS, part of the Kingswood Group and the leading provider of discretionary Managed Portfolio Services (“DFM MPS”) and other investment solutions, is launching a new Passive Portfolio 8. This will be the ninth portfolio to be made available within the Passive MPS range and will contain the highest exposure to equities of 90%. The offering will be available from November 1st 2022.

Passive Portfolio 8 will be available on the platform of choice from IBOSS’ list of available MPS platform providers. The addition has been led by adviser demand to cover as many risk options as possible and complement Portfolio 8 within IBOSS’ Core range.

In keeping with the existing passive portfolios, Portfolio 8 contains primarily passive and index funds, with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 funds in each portfolio and an 8% maximum holding per passive fund.

IBOSS will continue to manage the existing portfolios (0-6) across the four MPS ranges under their current allocated Ongoing charges figure (OCF) cap.  Whilst Portfolio 8 in the Passive range will, for the time being, operate just outside of the range’s 0.14% cap at 0.17%, IBOSS believes the price remains competitive considering the higher equity content.

Michael Heapy, Senior Investment Analyst at IBOSS, said: “Despite market concerns, many investors still maintain an appetite for risk in both our Core and Passive ranges. Given the popularity of our passive range this year and the feedback from our adviser firms, we decided it would be desirable for clients and advisers to expand our passive range. Covering a wide variety of client requirements is important to us, and adding a Passive Portfolio 8 will only increase this.”

The chart below highlights each portfolio’s progressively increasing equity content and incorporates IBOSS’ new Passive Portfolio 8.

The IBOSS MPS offers four ranges of discretionary model portfolios– Core, Passive, Income and Sustainable. Built specifically for the financial adviser marketplace, IBOSS’ MPS provides practical and cost-efficient ways to outsource the management of clients’ investments, whilst aligning them to their long-term investment goals, appetite for risk and desired investment style. All four MPS ranges follow the same IBOSS investment philosophy that is consistent across the firm’s solutions and retains strong similarities to the construction of the successful Portfolio Management Service (PMS) offered by IBOSS Ltd.

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