Opening a trading account in 2022: the FinecoBank features

Nothing bad happens until it does, and usually it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. Long term financial planning demands certain habits. Frugality and wise spending are one important way to go about it. Saving when and where you can, especially by looking out for better deals is also a key aspect. Another one may be trying to do things you’ve never tried before, such as various forms of investing. The latter is particularly tricky, because it’s easy to fail if you don’t know what you’re doing, and once that happens you might be strongly dissuaded from trying again. One great way to achieve all of the aforementioned objectives in one sweep is opening a trading account with an online bank. One great example of such an online banking solution is FinecoBank. By choosing the right online bank you’ll manage to save money on your traditional banking actions while also having a trading platform and services connected directly to that account, offering an invaluable form of personal synergy, if you will.

Fineco Background

Fineco started its online trading presence in 1999 in Italy, with a specialised focus in online trading, as well as competitive banking services. Being one of the first online trading banks has cemented its place as a leading provider of consumer services in its field. After more than 20 years of experience, Fineco is ahead of the game. They are one of the highest rated online trading banks, and their trading account receives some of the highest customer satisfaction rates. Considering how ruthless customer feedback can be when a stressful endeavour such as trading is in question, you’d be hard pressed to find a more reliable choice. Now that Fineco offers their services in the UK, you should know that they are also FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated. Needless to say, any bank or service that is not properly regulated is a guaranteed scam. Having been a top choice for Italian customers (satisfied ones at that) for so long, Fineco is set to provide the same top quality service to UK customers as well.


Some of the benefits of opening an account with Fineco include having a multi currency account, which allows you to keep and convert different currencies in your account. This particularly comes in handy when travelling or living abroad. Using your bank card, as well as paying for local services, can be done with the ease of a local without hidden charges and unfair predatory rates. In terms of your online trading account, there are no monthly fees, and extremely low fixed commissions on trades themselves. Trading can be done on a variety of financial instruments, including CFDs, stocks, bonds, and ETF, to name a few.  The various features and services offered by Fineco are too many to list in a short article, but it suffices to say that they are driven to offer the most competitive rates in the UK market for consumers, as well as the complete kit of tools you could use as an online trader, as well as a bank customer.

Final Thoughts

One of the quickest and best ways to size up a potential service, especially one that involves personal finance, is feedback from other customers. How do they feel about their experience with a potential trading account or online bank? These types of services are subject to extreme scrutiny, and even fair and honest services receive low ratings due to unjust frustration. Fineco however enjoys one of the highest customer review ratings on all consumer protection and feedback providers. Their customer service is available 24/7 and ready to assist you at any time with haste. Their app is also incredibly highly rated, making sure that you don’t suffer technical issues or a problematic interface which will impede your various actions while trading and banking. In short, with Fineco, you’re in good hands.

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