Transforming New Recruits into Sales Experts: The Carplus Academy

Carplus is proud to introduce the Carplus Academy, an innovative training programme aimed at providing new recruits with a thorough understanding of car finance. Headed by industry veteran Graeme Mitchell, the academy addresses the need for an effective induction process in the motor trade. By blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience, this programme ensures that each new recruit is well-prepared to succeed in the competitive car sales industry.

Graeme Mitchell, after a successful sales career in various industries, joined the Motor Trade around eight years ago.

Through his experiences with the onboarding processes at both a Main Dealer and a Large Car Supermarket, Graeme identified the opportunity to create an induction process that would benefit both the business and new recruits.

Car Finance can be a complex body of knowledge to grasp initially. Often, new recruits are thrown in at the deep end and quickly churned out if they do not meet the required standards in a short period. This can lead to talented individuals leaving the industry before they have a chance to excel.

Carplus has developed “The Carplus Academy”, designed to provide new recruits with a fast-track understanding of the most essential aspects of Car Finance. This foundational knowledge is crucial for the recruits’ future success.

Structure of the Carplus Academy

The Academy begins with an overview of Carplus’s History, our origins, significant milestones, and future vision. Understanding our past helps explain our future direction and purpose.

Next, we focus on our Core Values and what it means to be part of Carplus. We see ourselves as a collaborative community where success is shared and celebrated. Only after this do we delve into the Customer Journey and Sales Processes.

Training continues with in-depth product knowledge, techniques for overcoming customer objections, and understanding the platforms of our lender partners.

The induction also includes a segment on Industry Compliance, covering SAF testing and topics like recognising vulnerable customers and ensuring fair treatment during the sales process.

After completing the theoretical training, trainees are tested with a 50-question Carplus quiz, with 80% or higher needed to pass.

The Induction training concludes with trainees creating a presentation based on feedback from our call listening exercises. This presentation is delivered in the boardroom with our Head of Sales and CEO in attendance.

Post-induction, trainees move to the sales floor to start handling live calls with customers. Here, our collaborative community truly comes into play. If a manager is unavailable to assist a trainee, any available colleague will share their expertise to help ensure the trainee’s success.

Upon reaching the first two milestones in the academy, the successful trainee is integrated into the fully-fledged Sales Team.

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