VibePay Sets New Standard in Payment Sector with Messaging Feature Introduction

VibePay, the forefront account-to-account payment service, is thrilled to announce its newest feature: messaging within channels. This innovative addition promises to enhance the user journey by amalgamating financial transactions and communication into a singular, streamlined channel.

With this update, the inconvenience of switching between different apps for messaging and payments is eliminated. VibePay users can now communicate with contacts and conduct transactions simultaneously, all within the same platform, effectively making the need to copy bank details from one platform to another redundant.

This feature’s primary advantage lies in its ability to conduct transactions without the need to divulge bank details over popular messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger. The introduction of VibeMe links within VibePay allows for secure payments and communication, setting a new standard for privacy and convenience in digital transactions.

Moreover, the update facilitates direct channels of communication between businesses and consumers, which VibePay believes will greatly benefit SMEs and sellers by enabling direct interactions within the payment platform, potentially offering substantial savings over traditional communication tools such as MailChimp.

Chris Franklin, Chief Marketing Officer at VibePay, shared his enthusiasm: “We are excited to bring a new dimension to the world of payments with the introduction of messaging in the VibePay app,” highlighting the transformative potential of this feature for personal and business transactions.

Key Aspects of VibePay’s Messaging Feature:

  • Secure Transactions: Conduct financial dealings without sharing sensitive bank information on mainstream messaging apps.
  • Seamless Communication: Enjoy an integrated experience of messaging and payments.
  • Direct Business-Customer Interaction: Empower SMEs and sellers with the ability to directly engage with customers, enhancing connections.
  • Cost Savings for Businesses: Leverage the integrated messaging feature to potentially reduce expenditure on traditional communication platforms.

The integration of messaging within the VibePay app signifies a significant advancement in the digital payment arena, maintaining VibePay’s position as a leader in providing secure and comprehensive financial services.

For an immersive experience in the evolved landscape of payment and messaging, update to the latest VibePay app. Visit for more information.

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