How to Choose a Reliable Motion Detection Security System for Your Needs

Many homeowners place high importance on security, and motion detection systems are a practical method to safeguard your property. Nevertheless, it cannot be easy to choose the best motion detection security system for your particular needs, given the wide range of options available. The key elements to take into account while selecting a security system, such as pet immunity, smartphone notifications, and hacking protection, are outlined in this article. We’ll also discuss the Ajax Systems MotionCam detector, a dependable solution for security motion detection.

Pet Immunity

Whether or not your pets will be picked up by the motion detection security system you choose is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Passive infrared (PIR) sensors are widely used in systems and can be activated by animals weighing more than 40 pounds. Choose a system with pet immunity if your animals are under this weight limit. Pet immunity alters the sensor’s sensitivity, enabling it to distinguish between human and animal activity. This feature gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home by ensuring your dogs won’t set off false alarms.

Mobile Alerts

Mobile alerts are a further crucial aspect to take into account. If your motion detection security system is activated, you’ll get notifications with mobile alerts on your smartphone or other mobile device. This feature is handy if you’re away from home and want to know if there’s any suspicious behaviour on your property. By customising your alerts, you can set up some systems so that you only receive notifications for particular occurrences, like when a door or window is opened. Confirm that the motion detector you purchase has this capability to ensure that you are always informed.

Hacking Prevention

Your motion detection security system has the same risk of being compromised as any other internet-connected device. A hacker can access your home’s video feed and other private data if your system is compromised. Select a system with solid encryption and password protection to prevent this. Make sure the system receives regular software updates to address any security flaws.


Reliability is crucial when it comes to motion detection security systems. A system that won’t set off false alerts is what you want because they may be both annoying and expensive. Look for systems that use cutting-edge motion detection technology, such as those that confirm motion using several sensors. Consider the system’s coverage and range as well. Make sure the system covers every region of your property that you wish to keep an eye on.

Ajax Systems MotionCam Detector

The Ajax Systems MotionCam detector is one motion detection security system worth considering. With a range of up to 1700 feet and pet-resistant PIR sensors, this system is appropriate for more extensive estates. Additionally, it has a built-in camera that records a series of images each time motion is detected so you can see what set off the alarm. To prevent hacking, the system is also impenetrable and includes powerful encryption.

In conclusion, there are several elements to consider when selecting a motion-detecting security system for your home. You may choose the ideal system for your needs by considering several crucial variables, including pet immunity, smartphone notifications, hacker protection, and dependability. A dependable and practical choice is the MotionCam detector from Ajax Systems. With the appropriate system, you may feel secure knowing your house is safe even when you’re not there.

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