34,026 Car Accident Deaths Annually in America. Which Country is the Safest in the World?

Don Karl Juravin compared the safety & health of the countries around the world in his upcoming book: Fix America to be #1

Deaths From Road Traffic Injuries

Comparing USA Vs. Europe top countries (Germany, France, Italy) Vs. Israel

Annual Deaths in Absolute Numbers:

  • Israel: 302 annual deaths
  • Euro-top: 10,857 annual deaths
  • USA: 34,026 annual deaths

Assuming the population of USA 321 million, Israel 8.4 million, Euro-top 210 million (Germany 82 million, France 67 million, Italy 61 million).

World Traffic Accident Death Key Factors

  • Worldwide car accidents deaths: An unspoken staggering estimated 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes.
  • Worldwide Accident injuries: A huge toll on families and the economy are 20 to 50 million injuries from traffic accidents injured annually.
  • Road traffic crashes are a major cause of death among all age groups and the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5–29 years.
  • Income & car accidents: My research shows that the risk of dying in a road traffic crash is more than 3 times higher in low-income countries than in high-income countries. More than 90% of road traffic deaths occur in low-income and middle-income countries. Road traffic injury death rates are highest in the African region. Even within high-income countries, people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to be involved in road traffic crashes.
  • Young male Vs. female driving: Males are more likely to be involved in road traffic crashes than females. About three quarters (73%) of all road traffic deaths occur among young males under the age of 25 years who are almost 3 times as likely to be killed in a road traffic crash as young females.
  • Speed: Every 1% increase in mean speed produces a 4% increase in the fatal crash risk and a 3% increase. An increase in average speed is directly related both to the likelihood of a crash occurring and to the severity of the consequences of the crash. For example, In the serious crash risk.
  • Pedestrians: The death risk for pedestrians hit by car fronts rises rapidly (4.5 times from 50 km/h to 65 km/h).
  • Car-to-car side impacts: The fatality risk for car occupants is 85% at 65 km/h.
  • The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has set an ambitious target of halving the global number of deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes by 2020.
  • GDP cost of car accidents: Road traffic crashes cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic product.
  • Vulnerable road users: More than 50% of all road traffic deaths are among vulnerable road users: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.
  • Mobile phone usage while driving: Drivers using mobile phones are 4 times more likely to be involved in a crash than drivers not using a mobile phone. Using a phone while driving slows reaction times (notably braking reaction time, but also a reaction to traffic signals), and makes it difficult to keep in the correct lane, and to keep the correct following distances.
  • Hands-free phones are not much safer than hand-held phone sets, and texting considerably increases the risk of a crash.
  • Seat-belt wearing reduces the risk of death among front-seat passengers by 40−65% and can reduce deaths among rear-seat car occupants by 25−75%.
  • Only 57% of countries require seat-belts to be used in cars by both front-seat and rear-seat passengers (38% of low-income countries, 54% of middle-income countries and 83% of high-income countries).
  • The use of child restraints (which include infant seats, child seats and booster seats) can reduce deaths of infants by as much as 70% and deaths of small children by between 54% and 80% in the event of a crash.

Which Country is the Safest to Drive?

Comparing USA Vs. Europe top countries (Germany, France, Italy) Vs. Israel

World Best Best rate USA ISRAEL Euro-top Germany France Italy
Monaco 0.00 10.60 3.60 5.17 4.30 5.10 6.10


WINNER-SAFEST in Traffic Accident Deaths: ISRAEL

  • Israel’s deaths from road traffic injuries is 1.61 times safer than the world average
  • Israel’s deaths from road traffic injuries is  2.94 times safer than the USA
  • Israel’s deaths from road traffic injuries is 1.44 times safer than Euro-top


World average Winner Times better than world average Times better than USA Times better than Euro Times better than Israel
5.81 ISRAEL 1.61 2.94 1.44 —-



Source: World Health Organization 2018 (based on 2013 stats)

Research by: Don Karl Juravin Twitter  Facebook  Linkedin Pinterest Instagram  tumblr  reddit  blog Google Scholar Researchgate  Quora  Medium  WordPress

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