Daniel Craig’s Bond has travelled further than any other 007, research shows

Ahead of the No Time To Die premiere, Craig’s agent is revealed to be the top traveller – trekking 75,643 miles over four movies 

The debate over which actor is ‘the best James Bond’ is destined to rumble on forever. But when it comes to globetrotting – there’s one undisputed winner.

Ahead of the premiere of No Time To Die – paving specialists Simply Paving has published research revealing that Daniel Craig will go down in the Hall of Fame as ‘the most travelled Bond of all time’.

The upcoming Bond flick – released on September 30 – will see Craig bow out as the 007 agent who’s ventured furthest on his dangerous missions for MI6, accruing a staggering 75,643 miles over four film features.

That’s 18,910 miles per movie on average.


Actor Film appearances Average miles travelled per film Total miles travelled
Daniel Craig 4 18,910 75,643
Roger Moore 7 8,815 61,711
Pierce Brosnan 4 11,302 45,209
Sean Connery 6 6,588 39,531
Timothy Dalton 2 6,561 13,123
George Lazenby 1 3,474 3,474


31% of the total miles travelled across all the Bond films occur solely in Craig’s four (soon to be five) films.

Craig also stars in the most far-flung Bond film ever made in Quantum of Solace – which covers 24,847 miles in total.

The three most travelled Bond films of all time are:

  • Quantum of Solace (2008) – 24,847 miles – Daniel Craig
  • Die Another Day (2002) – 21,220 miles – Pierce Brosnan
  • Casino Royale (2006) – 21,086 miles – Daniel Craig

The full list is as follows:


Film Miles travelled
Quantum Of Solace 24,847.03
Die Another Day 21,219.72
Casino Royale 21,085.71
Moonraker 17,966.42
Skyfall 14,942.70
Spectre 14,767.78
Goldfinger 13,345
Diamonds Are Forever 12,498.20
A View To A Kill 12,412.08
Octopussy 11,675
The Living Daylights 9,823.05
GoldenEye 9,691.17
The Man With The Golden Gun 8,366.97
Tomorrow Never Dies 8,057.70
The World is Not Enough 6,241.33
Live And Let Die 6,101.81
Dr No 4,675
Thunderball 4,336
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 3,474.91
Licence To Kill 3,300.34
The Spy Who Loved Me 2,906.46
From Russia With Love 2,495
For Your Eyes Only 2,282.41
You Only Live Twice 2,182.51


When No Time to Die screens in cinemas later this month, Craig will have covered around 90,000 miles overall – approximately 30% more than the next most travelled agent overall (Roger Moore).

On average, Pierce Brosnan’s Bond achieved 11,302 miles over his four-film stint. Moore’s Martini-swigging agent clocked up around 8,815 miles per movie, whereas Sean Connery travelled even less – ranking fourth in both total miles and average miles travelled across his six films.

Data was collected through analysis of every location visited per Bond film and calculating the distance between each.

A spokesperson from Simply Paving commented: “The globe-trotting Bond is very frequently away from home, catching planes, trains, and even rockets to get to his destinations!

“While it’s a fantastic fantasy to be that well-travelled, in reality we Brits are much more comfortable with our feet up in our own homes, whether that’s lounging on the sofa or enjoying the peace and quiet of the back garden.

“For now, we’re quite happy for Bond to be the one who is running himself ragged all over the world!”


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