Staying Healthy While Saving: 5 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Your Health

The COVID19 pandemic has caused extensive disruption to daily life, inflicting considerable damage to the economy. As a result of social distancing and socially restrictive legislation brought in to tackle infection rates, many industries and consequently employees, have been negatively affected financially. This financial squeeze has caused us to reflect on our expenses with the aim to reduce unnecessary financial expenditure.

Physical health and fitness are integral to supporting well-being and quality of life. Health and fitness are often grounded in routine, with people usually investing money and time into maintaining and improving their health. As a result of reduced socialisation and social mobility, daily and weekly routines can be affected – especially as a result of the uncertainty and ever-changing rules and regulations caused by COVID19. An example of this is the closure of gyms and fitness classes.

Staying fit and healthy should remain a priority, even if it presents a further challenge to find new ways to exercise and stay active. In addition to physical activity, there are other ways to keep healthy. We highlight five effective cost-cutting ways to support your health and fitness during testing times, especially during the winter where the challenge to stay fit and healthy is increasingly imposing.

Get running, cycling or moving outside

If you’re used to training indoors, either at the gym or fitness centre, then the thought of training outside may be daunting. However, training outside might offer a new challenge to keep you motivated. The main benefit of training outdoors is that it’s almost entirely free (with the small exception of exercise equipment), furthermore, there are no COVID19 restrictions that threaten exercising in open space.

Running and cycling are really effective at improving cardiovascular health and fitness. It’s important to go steady when you first start. The great thing about exercise is that it has a dose-responsive relationship. This means that the more exercise you do, the more health benefits you get. While this relationship changes as you become fitter, you can make large improvements quickly, following continued exercise.

So, embrace the opportunity to try a new form of exercise and save money on that gym membership!

Find a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the place to go for excellent workout video’s. With many personal trainers flexing their digital arm during lockdown, there is a vast selection of home exercise tutorials and classes.

Home workouts are highly cost-effective. For many classes you don’t need equipment, you can simply use your living room and furniture to help perform certain exercises. Sofa triceps dips, chair step-ups and using a pillow to perform planking are just a few examples of how you can work out the body without the need for a gym! Alternatively, you can purchase basic gym equipment to help support your efforts.

Source cost-effective treatments from home

Staying healthy while access to GP’s and surgeries are restricted can be challenging. It’s important to manage health issues and to stay on top of ongoing health conditions, especially while the COVID19 pandemic is still ongoing.

Pharmica Online Pharmacy is one of the most trusted pharmacies in the UK. Pharmica is dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare by providing both prescription and non-prescription treatments for men’s and women’s health conditions. You can order in minutes and the service is completely discreet and confidential.

The Pharmica Price Promise, which is a ‘lowest price guarantee’ offer, makes sure that you don’t overpay for treatments if you can find a cheaper price for treatment by an equivalent pharmacy elsewhere in the UK.

For affordable, effective treatments and the very best service, visit Pharmica for more.

If you are looking for professional medical care, you can get concierge medicine in San Diego. In-home services make it easy to get the treatment you need to stay healthy in the long run.

Plan and prepare your lunch 

You may be used to buying food for lunch while at work given how convenient it is to nip into the nearby convenience store. However, while those meals deals are cost-effective relative to buying individual items, they are also expensive in the long run. That’s why saving money by making your own lunch is an excellent cost-effective solution. This is even more suitable for those that are working remotely.

Make the most of technology

Staying healthy is a combined outcome of a healthy diet and exercise. An excellent way to make this journey fun and effective is to make the most of mobile apps to support your efforts. Most apps are free, but if you use them a lot and can see the value in paying for a full version with more features and functions then that may be worthwhile.

Apps to track your runs, diet and sleep are always helpful to give you feedback and structure to your objectives. They offer a cost-effective way to monitor the different aspects of each day.

Over to you!


There we go! Five ways to stay fit and healthy while saving in the process. You most likely already implement most of these tips, however, if you haven’t tried one before now is the time to commit to trying something new that might be a game-changer for your health and your bank balance!

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